An intriguing turn of events unfolded today within the realm of AEW as one of its stars found herself back on the official roster following her earlier removal on February 15.

The day commenced with buzz surrounding AEW’s website roster page, which notably lacked the presence of Yuka Sakazaki, raising eyebrows among fans and industry insiders alike.

Sakazaki, known for her impactful performances dating back to AEW’s inaugural Double or Nothing pay-per-view in 2019 and her recent appearance in early 2023, had notably competed for the ROH Women’s Championship against Athena at Supercard of Honor in March before returning to Japan.

In May 2023, a press conference revealed Sakazaki’s plans to graduate from Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling by year’s end, signaling a significant shift in her career trajectory. With aspirations to relocate to the United States and fully embrace the American wrestling scene, Sakazaki’s absence from the AEW roster initially sparked speculation regarding her departure from the company.


However, in a surprising twist, Sakazaki swiftly reclaimed her spot on the AEW roster page, dispelling any notions of her departure and reinstating her status within the promotion.

Additionally, the roster update brought another unexpected addition in the form of Mother Wayne, affectionately known as Shayna, the mother of Nick Wayne. Listed as an official member of the women’s roster.

With Sakazaki’s return and the emergence of Mother Wayne, AEW’s women’s division continues to evolve, promising fresh storylines and captivating matchups for fans to anticipate in the days ahead.

Steve Carrier

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