Amari Miller recently disclosed her departure from WWE, revealing that her contract had reached its expiration without renewal. Miller, who was prominently featured on the NXT brand and also showcased her talents on NXT Level Up, shed further light on her exit in an interview with Steve Fall.

According to Miller, the decision stemmed primarily from creative differences. She expressed that WWE didn’t have any specific plans for her character, and with her contract approaching its end, both parties agreed that it was best to part ways. Miller emphasized that there was no animosity involved and that she harbors no ill will towards WWE. She acknowledged the company’s perspective from a business standpoint, particularly considering her past injuries, which may have influenced their decision.

“It was mostly creative. They didn’t have anything for me creatively, and my contract was ending anyway, so I felt it was best for both worlds. It mostly came from their side. Not like an ‘oh, please, I’m begging.’ It was more, ‘Thank you for the opportunity, I appreciate it.’ There is nothing I felt I could have done. I worked my butt off. I was there every day. “

Despite her departure, Miller remains open to the possibility of returning to WWE in the future. She emphasized the positive relationship she maintains with the company, noting that the door is not closed for a potential comeback. Miller also mentioned the support she received from her coach, indicating a strong bond between her and WWE.


“There is no bad blood on either side. It’s perfectly understandable from a business perspective of where they were coming from. I did have injuries through my path in WWE. I get why it’s, ‘Ah, she might be a liability,’ to end it all, it was nothing creatively for me, so it was time to go our separate ways. Doesn’t mean I’m not going to go back. The door is not shut. Coach was saying he always puts his name behind me if needed. It’s a very good tight relationship between me and WWE right now.”

Miller joined WWE in 2021 and made her television debut on the June 8, 2021 episode of NXT. Her final match took place on the January 12 episode of NXT Level Up, where she faced Jaida Parker in a losing effort.

While Miller’s journey with WWE may have reached its conclusion for now, her optimistic outlook suggests that her wrestling career may yet take new and exciting turns in the future.

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