The grandson of wrestling legend Brian Pillman will be honored nationally after helping to stop an attack on a Cincinnati high school.

Pillman is a legend in the wresting business, famous for his work in WWE, WCW and ECW. Pillaman’s son Lexis King wrestles for NXT in the WWE, although his grandson has been equally impressive in what he has achieved in recent times.

The late Brian Pillman’s grandson Boom Swallen discovered a plot to harm student and staff, according to Fox19, and informed his father about the school shooting plan. Swallen’s father promptly alerted the authorities to the plan, which were subsequently stopped by local law enforcement.

A 14-year-old suspect was arrested, and the crisis was soon averted. Swallen will now be honored by the Uvalde Foundation for Kids for his bravery in helping stop the attack.


Hamilton County Prosecutor Melissa Powers praised Swallen’s actions in alerting authorities and helping to thwart what could have ended up as a deadly attack. Speaking with FOX19, she said:

“We believe that this was going to be carried out. We believed it was a tragedy that was averted because of the bravery of a student and the family doing the right thing. They saw something. They heard something, and they said something.

We believe that had that student not come forward, and nobody discovered the plan that was out there for weeks and being planned by this student of Mariemont, we’d be talking about a tragedy in our community with a lot of lives lost.”

The bravery shown by the 14-year-old is beyond anything a wrestler could fathom seeing in the ring, and I’m sure that Brian Pillman would be proud of his grandson for his heroics in stopping a school shooting.

What do you think about the bravery shown by Boom Swallen, the grandson of Brian Pillman? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

Hamish Woodward

Hamish is a freelance writer and avid pro wrestling enthusiast. His passion for the squared circle was sparked by witnessing Rey Mysterio's chair attack from Chavo Guerrero. He keeps up with the latest wrestling news and passionately supports Orange Cassidy's quest for the AEW Championship.

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