Exciting news for wrestling fans as a wave of new Brian Pillman merchandise is on the horizon!

In heartwarming Instagram story, Brittany Pillman Evans, the daughter of the legendary Brian Pillman, revealed that after an astonishing 27 years, her family has finally acquired the rights to her father’s remarkable legacy.

Brittany expressed her immense gratitude to the fans who have tirelessly kept her father’s memory alive, emphasizing that this momentous development was made possible because of their unwavering support. Brittany also extended her thanks to WWE for their role in making this dream come true.

With the announcement of this groundbreaking legends deal between the Pillman estate and WWE, fans can look forward to a fresh array of Brian Pillman merchandise that will soon hit the market.


It’s worth noting that Brian Pillman’s legacy lives on not only through merchandise but also through his son, Lexis King, known in the wrestling world as Brian Pillman Jr, who is currently signed with NXT.

Although Brian Pillman tragically passed away in October 1997, his impact on the wrestling community continues to resonate, and this new merchandise release is a fitting tribute to his enduring legacy.

What kind of Brian Pillman merchandise are you most excited to see in the market, and how do you think this will contribute to keeping his memory alive in the wrestling community? Let us know in the comments below.

Steve Carrier

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