Scott D’Amore’s long and well-built relationship with TNA Wrestling came to an end after he was recently fired from his position as the TNA President by the parent company, Anthem Sports.

According to reports, Scott and the management could not agree on the direction for the future of the company and thus, led to the higher-ups releasing one of the early forces that made TNA an impactful promotion in the United States.

However, WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff believes that D’Amore’s expertise in the wrestling business could be utilized someplace else. During the recent edition of Strictly Business Podcast, Eric stated that he had heard only massive praise about Scott from peers for his contributions.

“You know, I don’t know [what to make of it]. I’ve never heard anything but positive things about Scott from people that have worked with him going way back to my time in TNA. I never worked with Scott at all, so I don’t have any personal experience with him that I can talk about. But I can’t think of one person — and there’s been many that I’ve talked to — that didn’t have good things to say about Scott D’Amore.”


Furthermore, Bischoff believed that Scott D’Amore could be a good fit for Tony Khan’s AEW than the global juggernaut, WWE. He mentioned that AEW needs a person like D’Amore who can lead the creative direction and work hand in hand with their management.

“I see a path for Scott in AEW much more easily than I see in WWE. WWE right now doesn’t need creative horsepower. They need structure, and we’ll talk a lot about that, I’m sure. There are a lot of things that creative needs right now, which is all just about stability because of the recent changes, right? And it’ll get there. But AEW desperately needs somebody like Scott D’Amore.”

“There’s a pre-existing relationship with Jeff Jarrett within AEW that would be beneficial to Scott D’Amore. At least, I think so. Maybe, they got heat that I never heard about. But I’ve always kind of heard good things about Scott from Jeff. So — and because the need is greater. Scott could have a much more significant, no pun intended, impact in AEW than he would be one of 18 other actually more experienced writers.”

With his TNA tenure coming to its conclusion, it will be interesting to see where does Scott D’Amore lands next to lead the charge for another wrestling promotion.

Do you think AEW should hire Scott D’Amore? Do you think he would be a good fit for the company? Sound off in the comments!

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