Earlier this week, Anthem Sports announced that Scott D’Amore had been fired from the position of TNA President. While it seems that D’Amore’s departure had been a long time coming, management was reluctant to axe him. D’Amore was considered too valuable an asset.

However, it seems that the scales finally overturned, and D’Amore’s repeated clashes with management finally got out of hand. Dave Meltzer reported that these disagreements occurred due to TNA’s meager budget.

In fact, one of the bigger financial disagreements took place over Braun Strowman. The former WWE Universal Champion was set to make an appearance at Bound for Glory 2021. The event had even been dubbed “Braun to Glory.”

However, the arrangements for Strowman’s appearance ultimately fell through. Anthem refused to pay Browman’s high asking price since they believed that he would not sufficiently improve TNA’s profits. Strowman eventually returned to WWE.


“In one case, it was noted that they had an agreement with Adam Scherr aka Braun Strowman to debut at Bound for Glory in 2021 with them billing the show as “Braun for Glory,” but that Anthem felt his asking price was too high and didn’t believe he would boost business enough to have the deal make sense. “

D’Amore has been replaced by Anthony Cicione, who also happens to be the President of Anthem. It seems that Anthem is determined to integrate TNA more deeply into its roster.

What do you think of Anthem’s decision on not to bring in Braun Strowman? Let us know below!

Nitish Vashishtha

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