The Man Becky Lynch has her sights set on reclaiming championship gold at WrestleMania 40. However, she did not pull back to firing shots at the person holding that gold firmly in her grasp for a long time, Rhea Ripley.

WWE’s resident Mami won the championship back at WrestleMania 39 defeating the 14-time champion Charlotte Flair. Since then, she has pulverized every opponent that stepped up to the challenge and become a dominant Women’s champion.

However, it has been evident that Ripley has taken major leaps in between her title defenses and has been backed heavily by her cohorts of The Judgment Day. That probably prompted The Man to take a shot at the WWE Women’s World champion.

In a recent interview with Denise Salcedo of Instinct Culture, Becky claimed that while she thinks Mami has all the tools to become a top-tier star, she lacks the drive and passion for the business and being a champion. Moreover, she questioned Rhea either being lazy or not caring about anything but herself.


“It’s a chance to take that title, where it is sitting happily on her shoulder, not being threatened very much because she avoids it at all costs, whether she will attack somebody before the bell, or maybe she’ll have Dom Dom [Dominik Mysterio] interfere. There is an interesting thing there. Two of her little gang, I’ve known them for 21 years. You have to ask, when it comes down to it, and it will come down to it, which side are they going to be on? Really, for me, it is taking that title and making it relevant again.

She’s been walking around, ‘I’m the best. I’m the greatest.’ You don’t do anything. You don’t defend it. You just walk around holding it like it’s a little trophy. She has all the potential, she has all the goods, she’s great. She has a natural finesse, but I have a scrappiness and a heart and a passion that is undeniable that I don’t think she can compete with. I want that. I want our champion to have heart and to care. The question is, is that title not represented because Rhea doesn’t care or because she’s lazy, which one is it? We’re going to find out.”

Becky Lynch had an intense confrontation with Rhea Ripley at the WrestleMania Kick-off press event in Las Vegas on Friday. Before that, Lynch qualified for a spot in the Elimination Chamber match in Perth, Australia with the winner of the match going to challenge Ripley for the title.

So if Becky wins in her very first Elimination Chamber match, she will be in line to battle Rhea Ripley for her title on the Grandest Stage of them all in Philadelphia.

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