CM Punk suffered triceps injury at the Royal Rumble, casting doubt on his participation in WrestleMania 40. Unfortunately, he won’t be competing at the event and now Seth Rollins admitted his disappointment at this turn of events.

CM Punk’s announcement on Monday Night RAW last week confirmed his genuine injury, shattering hopes of him headlining WrestleMania 40. It was noted that he would be out of action 4-6 months after surgery.

Before his injury, it was suggested that CM Punk and Seth Rollins would duke it out against each other at WrestleMania 40. Of course, that match will no longer be taking place anytime soon.

While speaking to Denise Salcedo at the WrestleMania 40 kickoff Green Carpet event, Seth Rollins was asked about CM Punk’s injury. Rollins called Punk a fragile old man and admitted that he was disappointed he wouldn’t be able to stomp CM Punk’s head at WrestleMania 40.


”One of us is a fragile old man, one of us is a young stallion. So, I’ll be back in a couple of weeks, he’ll be back in a year or two till his next injury. I’d love to kick the crap out of them, I’m sure he’d liked to get in there and do something to me but it’s not gonna work. Am I disappointed? I’d say a little bit, only because if we had an opportunity to do it, stomping his head into the match would be the best at WrestleMania, in front of the biggest audience. Little bummed about that. I feel like he’s talking about the greatest comeback of all time, I’d be happy to stomp out that comeback when the time comes.”

Seth Rollins was involved in lot of drama during the WrestleMania 40 kickoff press event as well. We will have to wait and see whether Rollins and CM Punk will eventually feud once Punk returns from injury.

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Transcription by Ringside News

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