A bench warrant has been issued for the arrest of Edward “Teddy Hart” Annis after he failed to appear in court in Titusville, Florida, regarding his arrest on July 15, 2023, on charges of possession of MDMA (ecstasy) and possession of controlled substance without a prescription. These charges are third-degree felonies in Florida.

The court date, listed as a mandatory appearance for “Early Resolution,” was intended to offer plea deals to those arrested to prevent felony trials. Despite several delays initiated by Hart’s side, the hearing proceeded as scheduled, but Hart failed to appear, resulting in the issuance of a bench warrant. Additionally, the court revoked Hart’s $2,000 bond.

The arrest stemmed from an incident on July 14, 2023, when Officer Eduardo Gonzales observed Hart’s vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed and failing to stop at a steady red light. Upon conducting a traffic stop, Officer Gonzales detected the odor of burnt marijuana and discovered loose leaf marijuana in the vehicle. Subsequent searches revealed MDMA pills and powder, as well as anabolic steroids, leading to Hart’s arrest on the aforementioned charges.

Notably, Hart had wrestled his first match in three years in Florida on the evening of his arrest. However, he has not wrestled since then.


Hart’s troubled history, including his portrayal in the Peacock reality series Dangerous Breed, has further highlighted his contentious personal life. The show depicted his toxic behavior towards former girlfriends and his ex-wife, including allegations of abandonment and passport confiscation. One individual featured in the series, Samantha Fiddler, reportedly traveled internationally with Hart before disappearing in 2016, with no trace of her whereabouts since.

What are your thoughts on the developments surrounding Teddy Hart’s legal troubles and the bench warrant issued for his arrest, considering his troubled personal history and the allegations against him depicted in the Peacock reality series Dangerous Breed? Let us know in the comments below.

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