In an interview with Steve Fall, TNA World Champion Moose delved into his recent title victory at Hard To Kill and the flourishing momentum within the company. Additionally, Moose shed light on his decision to remain with TNA, emphasizing the pivotal role of Scott D’Amore in his career trajectory. It’s important to note that this conversation took place prior to Scott D’Amore’s departure as TNA President.

Reflecting on his choice to re-sign with TNA, Moose emphasized the profound impact of his relationship with Scott D’Amore, who not only trained him but also serves as a mentor, boss, friend, and even a big brother figure. Moose credited D’Amore for his guidance and support, underscoring that without him, he wouldn’t have achieved his current position.

Addressing inquiries about turning down opportunities with WWE and AEW, Moose reiterated that his loyalty to TNA, largely due to his bond with D’Amore, influenced his decision-making process significantly.

“I mean, it’s well known that me and Scott have a great relationship. I mean, Scott is the one who trained me to be a pro wrestler. So obviously without his guidance and without him, I wouldn’t be in the position I am now. A lot of people ask me, ‘Oh, why did you turn down going to WWE and going to AEW to stay in TNA’, and Scott D’Amore is a big reason for that. It’s one of those things if Scott D’Amore isn’t here, then Moose isn’t here, so that answers that question. “


“So yeah, me and Scott are always talking. He’s a huge mentor to me. Obviously, we have multiple relationships. We have the mentor-student relationship. We have the boss-employee relationship. Then we have the friend relationship. Then we have the big brother-little brother relationship. There’s so many different relationships between myself and Scott. We’re always talking. He’s always guiding me on things I need to do to get better and things I need to try and things that I can maybe stop doing.”

Discussing the influx of new talent into TNA, Moose expressed enthusiasm about the caliber of individuals joining the roster, viewing it as a testament to TNA’s appeal within the wrestling landscape.

Speaking of Moose, he took to Twitter to react of the news of Scott’s departure, writing, “I’m lost for words…..Shutting down for a few days.”

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