The road to WrestleMania 40 has been experiencing major turbulence ever since the fan favorite Cody Rhodes had his much-deserved main event seemingly taken away by The Most Electrifying Man in all Entertainment, The Rock.

It has become evident on social media and WWE shows that the loyal fan base is not keen on seeing the dream showdown between The Rock and Roman Reigns. Instead, they are hell-bent on watching Rhodes finish his story on the Grandest Stage of them all.

According to a new report by PWInsider, WWE has noticed the reaction Cody has been receiving and many have leaned into it believing that it would make The American Nightmare a much bigger babyface for the company.

Moreover, it also stated that there were no plans of turning The Rock into a heel going into WrestleMania, however, all plans including that could change following the loud ‘Rocky sucks’ chants heard on this week’s RAW.


“WWE absolutely took notice of the Cody Rhodes reaction and there are some who have pushed for the company to lean into it, feeling it will make Cody a stronger babyface by playing up the fan surge into him. The plan here was never to turn Rock heel or to have it come across, even to “smart fans” as if he was maliciously taking Rhodes’ spot.  As several in WWE pointed out, they can adjust the plan week by week to “make it make sense.”

WWE Universe looks to be firmly behind Dusty’s son to battle the Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal championship at WrestleMania. With the ‘We Want Cody’ movement, as WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan would say, running wild all over the wrestling industry, it would be interesting to see how this story unfolds as we march forward towards the Show of Shows in April 2024.

Do you think Cody Rhodes will get to finish his story at WrestleMania 40? Sound off in the comments!

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