Dustin Rhodes has been in the wrestling scene for long time now and he’s achieved the highest of highs. The pro-wrestler is now considered a proper veteran in the sport and is closer to the end of his career. Recently, Dustin reflected upon his wrestling journey and revealed his plans going forward.

While speaking to Sports Guy Talk Wrestling, Dustin opened up about his current role in AEW. He shared that despite being in the final stage of his wrestling career, he’s dedicated to guide the next generation of stars in AEW. He stated that he’s happy to help the wrestling company in any way he can and that he’s thankful to AEW boss, Tony Khan for providing him opportunities within the company.

“I’m proud of myself for still hanging in there and doing what I can to elevate these youngins and to make the next set of superstars for AEW to actually get their chance to shine because we have some amazing young talent. If I can help in any way, I’m there, absolutely. I love that Tony gives me the opportunities that he does. I get a lot more nervous now, in the last five years I guess, since I turned 50. When I go out, it is nerve-racking because I cannot afford to go out there and mess up. I don’t want to mess up. If I do, people are going to see that and say, ‘Oh, he needs to retire.’

That’s something that really bothers me. I have to go stay on top and keep working hard. I’ve been training my ass off and making sure that I don’t stumble in that ring. Listen, everybody does, but right now, I’m just focusing on whatever my next time is and what I have to do to get through that and try to put on a good show and entertain the fans like I always have. It’s very humbling for me and I love it. Without the fans, it would just be empty arenas and that’s no fun. We need them there every single time,”


Dustin also talked about the challenges he’s faced for still competing at the highest level since turning 50. He shared that he now gets nervous when he steps into the ring and can’t afford to mess up. However, he remains focused on still giving his best and making sure he doesn’t stumble in the ring.

Dustin first burst into the wrestling scene back in 1988 for the Tampa-based Championship Wrestling From Florida promotion. He eventually went to WWE and came to be known as Goldust. He found great success in WWE and went on to win multiple titles. His contribution to the sport is no joke. We’ll have to wait and see what he does next.

Do you Dustin will take up an executive role in AEW after his retirement? What do you think his next steps will be? Let us know in the comments!

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