Pat McAfee, WWE Raw announcer and host of The Pat McAfee Show, shared his perspective on The Rock’s return to confront Roman Reigns on WWE SmackDown and the potential impact on Cody Rhodes and the WrestleMania storyline.

During the closing moments of WWE SmackDown, The Rock made surprise appearance and hinted at a possible WrestleMania showdown with Roman Reigns, suggesting he is the “Head of the Table.” This development raised questions about Cody Rhodes, who had won the men’s Royal Rumble and seemingly gave up his opportunity to face Reigns.

McAfee acknowledged the strong reaction from wrestling fans, who expressed their disappointment and frustration online using the #WeWantCody hashtag. He noted that Cody Rhodes had been working to reclaim the title for his family, a storyline that fans had invested in.

“Wrestling fans are incredibly pissed off that Cody Rhodes was supposed to get the job done, finally. There is a title, the one that Roman Reigns has, that Dusty Rhodes was handed in Madison Square Garden and then taken away. Everything Cody has been doing, he’s been trying to get the title back into his family, seemingly going to have to wait another few months while The Rock, the biggest star in the world, the biggest star on planet earth will be taking on his cousin Roman Reigns for the Head of the Table conversation, which has been chatted about forever. I love Cody Rhodes, I love The Rock, I love Roman Reigns. I’m very torn on this entire thing. The internet was not happy.”


Pat McAfee expressed his personal dilemma, as he is a fan of both Cody Rhodes and The Rock, along with Roman Reigns. He acknowledged the significance of the “Head of the Table” storyline and the allure of a Rock vs. Reigns matchup.

Despite the initial disappointment among fans, McAfee highlighted the uncertainty that often surrounds WWE storylines. He emphasized that there is still a significant amount of time between the current moment and WrestleMania, including WWE Raw, where developments can continue to unfold.

“I’m bummed out, I still don’t know what’s going to take place between now and WrestleMania. We’re all pretty bummed out for Cody, but also very pumped this is a Rock-Roman situation. I don’t know what’s going to happen. Obviously, in WWE, you can never know what’s going to take place. Certainly got people pissed off on a Friday.”

In the world of WWE, surprises and changes in direction are not uncommon, and the situation remains fluid. Wrestling fans will be eagerly watching to see how the storyline evolves in the lead-up to WrestleMania, and McAfee’s commentary reflects the mixed emotions and anticipation surrounding this turn of events in the wrestling world.

How do you feel about Pat McAfee’s perspective on The Rock’s return and the potential impact on Cody Rhodes and the WrestleMania storyline? Do you agree that there is still a lot of uncertainty and room for developments in WWE’s storytelling leading up to WrestleMania? Let us know below.

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