This year’s Royal Rumble was packed with jaw dropping action and electrifying performances. The Men’s title was claimed by Cody Rhodes after an epic showdown against CM Punk, while the Women’s title went to Bayley. It was an action-packed weekend with many surprises, one of them being Diamond Dallas Page (DDP).

Following the Royal Rumble’s conclusion, reporters gathered backstage for their end of day story. While they were interviewing Triple H and Royal Rumble winner Cody Rhodes and Bayley, DDG made a surprising appearance on set. Finally, DDP has revealed what led up to that moment.

While speaking to SportsKeeda, DDP revealed that he did not expect to attend the press conference and it was totally unplanned. He explained that he initially wanted to catch-up with Rhodes to ask a question but he found himself unexpectedly involved in the media gathering. He further added that after he saw people interviewing Rhodes it “moved” him, so he decided get down to meet up with him.

I had no idea, first of all, I was going to ask a question. I was just coming in because when Cody won and then he grabbed the mic and he talked to the people after it went off the air, it moved me, and I wanted to get down to catch him when he’s coming out of the Gorilla Position, but I can’t find an elevator. It won’t go to the bottom floor for some reason now.”


DDP was at Royal Rumble alongside many wrestling legends, including Hulk Hogan and Barry Windham. After Rhodes’ post-match promo ended, DDP wanted to catch-up with him and congratulate him on his big win against CM Punk. DDP shared that he made his way through a crowd of 200-300 seats, who were “freaking out” to catch DDP at the press conference.

“So, I got up, he’s still talking, he finished, and I walked right through all the people, which is up probably 200, 300 seats. Fans said, ‘Oh my God, oh my God, DDP!’ and I’m just walking, bee-lining, to get to the ring on his way back to Gorilla. People were freaking out, it was so much fun, but I was a man on a mission, and I got to the railing.”

After making his way through the crowd, the WWE Hall of Famer hopped over the railing to see Rhodes. The American Nighmare then invited DDP to join him for the press conference.

“I just jumped over it at 68 years old! We just hugged each other for like a minute. It was powerful. He goes, ‘Hey, you wanna go to the press conference?’ I’m like, ‘Yeah, sure, my buddy Chris Van Vliet’s there.’ And when I sat down there next to Chris, they handed me a mic, they go, ‘You’ve got the first question.’ I had no idea what I’m gonna say!”

Meanwhile, Cody Rhodes seemingly challenged Roman Reigns for WrestleMania 40 after his Royal Rumble win. It remains to be seen if Cody continues his winning streak at WrestleMania 40 and manages to “finish his story.” Stay tuned to RingsideNews for more!

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