Chris Jericho, renowned for his achievements in professional wrestling, is not limited to the wrestling ring, as he has secured a starring role in the upcoming movie titled “Self Storage.”

Jericho has a track record of successful reinvention and has demonstrated his acting prowess by portraying various gimmicks throughout his wrestling career.

According to Deadline, Chris Jericho has landed a role in the movie adaptation of Bonansinga’s 2016 novel, also titled “Self Storage.” The film features Lew Temple in the lead role of John Fitzgerald, and it will be directed by Bonansinga himself based on his own script.

The movie will be executive produced by Jericho’s Babyface Assassin Productions, along with other notable producers. Jericho is set to play a supporting role in the film.


The storyline of “Self Storage” revolves around a heroin-addicted father and his son who accidentally lock themselves inside a self-storage unit. Their survival becomes dependent on battling both real and drug withdrawal-induced demons.

”The film centers on a heroin-addicted father and his son who accidentally lock themselves inside a self-storage unit. Surviving will depend on a battle with demons both real and manufactured by drug withdrawal.

In addition to “Self Storage,” Chris Jericho has ventured into other acting projects such as “Country Hearts” and “Terrifier 2.” It remains to be seen how his role in this new movie will be received by fans and critics alike upon its release. Jericho’s ability to excel in multiple entertainment realms continues to showcase his versatility as a performer.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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