Brian Cage has been known as one of the ruthless in-ring forces in the wrestling business. But more importantly, he holds the industry with deep respect and recently shut down people who try to, in his own words, demonize the sport and top companies running it for decades.

During recent interview with Taylor Wilde on Wilde On, the current AEW star spoke about the prevalent tribalism involved in wrestling. He singled out people who speak negatively about certain companies like TNA Wrestling that try to put up a great product for fans each and every week and offer content beyond wrestling.

Moreover, he shut them down by advising them not to watch the product if they were not interested, instead of advocating for the demise of companies that have been built by years of hard work and persuasion.

When people say the whole like, even back in the day, ‘I want Ring Of Honor to go out of business, I want IMPACT to go out of business.’ Why would you want that? If you don’t like the product, you don’t watch the product. First of all, when people crap on the product, TNA for instance. It’s so great because you’ll be like, ‘When’s the last time you watched TNA?’ and they’re like, ‘Oh I don’t, I haven’t.’ Then how do you have any say on how good or bad it is if you don’t watch it.


I can’t tell you how good or bad some movie is that hasn’t came out yet. It gets me so hot and bothered. There’s so much wrestling, so much wrestling and such easy access to it to where if you don’t want to watch it, watch something else, but don’t sit here and demonize it because you just want to be cool online and get your little fifteen minutes of fame.”

Brian Cage is currently signed to Tony Khan’s AEW roster. He appears as a part of the Mogul Embassy faction alongside Swerve Strickland, Prince Nana, Toa Liona, & Kaun.

Moreover, Cage’s impressive strength, physique, and personality make him a top prospect who has yet to taste success at the highest level. So it could interesting to see his development in AEW in the next few months and possibly ascend him to the next level.

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Nikunj Walia

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