Torrie Wilson emerged as one of the most popular WWE superstars, particularly due to her highly publicized feud with former star, Dawn Marie. However, years later, the WWE Hall of Famer has addressed certain issues that prevailed at the time.

The rivalry between Torrie Wilson and Dawn Marie during the early 2000s involved Marie getting romantically involved and later married to Torrie’s real-life father, Al Wilson. The feud led to some astonishing segments and moments, thus making it a memorable feud.

Torrie Wilson recently appeared on the Insight with Chris Van Vliet podcast and discussed about her feud with Dawn Marie. She revealed that Dawn would deliberately kick her hard in live matches and house shows to vent out some anger that she might have had.

“You know she would literally kick me hard in the matches & I didn’t realize you’re not supposed to say anything, you are just supposed to do something.”


In response, Torrie stated that during an in-ring segment with her, she fired back by kicking Dawn Marie even harder, something that her ex-husband advised her to do.

“Then my ex-husband was like ‘you got to kick her really hard back’ and then it stopped.”

The rivalry ended with a ‘Stepmother vs Stepdaughter’ match in 2003 between the duo, winning Torrie Wilson and putting down Dawn Marie for good. Marie was later released by the company, while Torrie continued for a few more years before going into the WWE Hall of Fame class of 2019.

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