Pat McAfee’s hiatus from WWE television has ended as he’s back in the fold as full-time commentator on WWE, with RAW being his first show in a long time. He even competed at last weekend’s Royal Rumble before eliminating himself from the match. Recently, McAfee drew an interesting parallel between the Kansas City Chiefs and the infamous wrestling faction, the nWo.

On the January 30th episode of the Pat McAfee Show, McAfee made an intriguing analogy between the Kansas City Chiefs and the nWo. He stated in the talk show that he believes the Chiefs are the “heels” entering the Super Bowl, similar to the nWo’s controversial storyline in wrestling history.

I’ll tell you what, pretty accurate sentiment here. First time Patrick Mahomes has to go on the road to play in the playoffs, is he gonna be able to handle it? Is this guy gonna be able to handle playing a big game away from Kansas City? He did. They’re getting points. Are you taking them? Nah, the other teams have been too good, this Chiefs team’s not there yet. They do have a lot of haters, and I appreciate the fact that this Chiefs team just continues to be a buzzsaw. If they’re anything like the NWO, they’re gonna end up with all the titles, and we just need to sit back and relax and watch that entire show. Well, the refs…which is a part of the heel turn. Going into somebody else’s house, stealing their joy, dancing on their faces, heel turn. Got the refs in your pocket, heel turn. Taylor Swift, biggest star on earth, heel turn. So they are, I get [it].

McAfee discussed Patrick Mahomes’ first away game in the playoffs and the doubts about the Chiefs’ ability to perform outside of Kansas City. He further added to the analogy by portraying the Chiefs as a “buzzsaw” similar to the nWo. He explained that if they follow nWo’s trajectory, they could emerge victorious with all the titles.


It remains to be seen if the Chiefs’ manage to win it all and the analogy to nWo is proven right. Meanwhile, after Pat McAfee’s return in the commentary box, Corey Graves and Wade Barrett are poised to take charge as the new commentary team to cover the Friday Night SmackDown. Stay tuned to RingsideNews as we bring you the latest updates!

What do you think of Pat’s comparison of Kansas City Chiefs and nWo? Let us know in the comments.

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