Jade Cargill recently joined WWE, sparking anticipation among fans for her in-ring debut at the Royal Rumble. She finally debuted at the Rumble and had a solid performance there. She also acknowledged her time in AEW afterwards and this led to a lot of hate from fans. Now, Cargill decided to call out the fans as well.

Prior to her becoming a WWE Superstar, Jade Cargill was booked as an unstoppable force in AEW as the TBS Champion, where she had an incredible undefeated streak for a very long time.

Jade Cargill even stated that she couldn’t have gotten better start than in AEW and that it prepared her for WWE. Many fans took this as Cargill dismissing AEW as a mere stepping stone and nothing more and went after her on social media.

In light of all the hate she received these past few days, Jade Cargill took to Twitter and called out the tribalist haters by stating that she is proud of where she came from and where she is today.


“I’m going to say this and I’m done with it. I’m PROUD of where I came from and I am PROUD of where I am. All that making up stuff you fake pages/reporters do in between is not what I am about. I do the work and I keep my mouth closed. Stop making something out of NOTHING.”

Jade Cargill also put the whole WWE women’s division on notice following her Royal Rumble debut. It remains to be seen how she will be booked in the coming months, as fans are hoping she will become a big deal in WWE.

What do you think of what Jade Cargill had to say? Do you feel she got unwarranted hate? Sound off in the comments section below!

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