Kevin Owens faced an uphill battle as he attempted to reclaim the United States Championship from Logan Paul at the Royal Rumble. Owens had earned this title shot by winning a tournament on SmackDown, but he entered the match with a significant injury.

Throughout the tournament and his feud with Logan Paul, Owens had been dealing with an “injured” hand, which led to him wearing a cast. However, F4W Online has reported that Owens actually worked the match against Paul at the Royal Rumble with a fractured foot injury. This injury was reportedly sustained during his tournament finals match against Santos Escobar.

Despite this injury, Owens gave it his all in the match against Paul. However, things didn’t go in his favor, as he was ultimately disqualified for using brass knuckles during the match. Logan Paul had introduced the knuckles into the match, but when Owens used them and the referee spotted them during a pinfall attempt, it led to his disqualification.

Kevin Owens has a history of challenging for the United States Championship, dating back to his WWE main roster debut in 2015 when he confronted then-champion John Cena. While he’s had some memorable moments in U.S. title matches, his quest to regain the championship at the Royal Rumble was marred by his injury and the controversial ending of the match.


Kevin Owens’ dedication to competing in the match despite his fractured foot injury is commendable. How do you think this injury might affect his career in the short term, and what opportunities or challenges do you anticipate for him in WWE following this match and injury? Leave us a comment below.

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