Cody Rhodes has been laser-focused on finishing his story ever since he made his triumphant return to WWE in 2022. While he was close to doing it last year at WrestleMania, Rhodes did not get the job done and restarted his climb back to the top of the mountain this year.

While everything looked to be going his way, things took a turn with the resurgence of The Rock back into WWE, weeks before the official flag-off toward the Road to WrestleMania 40. Since then, The Great One has been continuously dropping hints about dream showdown with his iconic cousin, Roman Reigns in the main event of Mania, a spot many believed Cody was destined to be in.

While many believe that The Rock is standing between Cody’s quest to finish the story, The American Nightmare dismissed those claims, while expressing massive praise for The Great One and his contributions to the business. Rhodes spoke about the same during recent interview with ESPN.

I said something on the interview the other day where I feel like I kind of regretted how I answered it because I just sounded like a schmuck when I was saying it, but I mean it’s honestly kind of the same answer. No. I don’t think so, which is shocking. I get to be able to be a WWE superstar and stand on the shoulders of guys like The Rock. Had they not delivered and excelled and brought sports entertainment to the level it’s at, we wouldn’t have all this, none of this.


“I have all the respect and love for a guy who filled every house up he was ever in, but when it comes to that specific, I don’t consider him in my way. Maybe I’m being naive to it. Maybe he wants to get in. I don’t know. But I don’t consider him in my way. The Rock is one of the main reasons we’re here today. Nothing but respect, but also at the same time, I have to have the respect for myself to know where I’d like to go.”

Apart from his recent WWE appearances, The Rock was officially named the newest member of the TKO Board of Directors. With the 10-time WWE champion taking on a huge responsibility, it would be interesting to see if that becomes a deciding factor in the creative plans for WrestleMania. As for Cody Rhodes, he is scheduled to compete in the 2024 Royal Rumble match this Saturday.

Do you think The Rock will replace Cody Rhodes in the main event of WrestleMania 40? Sound off in the comments!

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