As the highly anticipated Royal Rumble event approaches on January 27, 2024, where both men and women vie for a chance at a WrestleMania 40 title opportunity, WWE decided to pose a question to its roster: “If you could choose any number to enter the Royal Rumble, which would it be?” The responses were as diverse as the superstars themselves.

In revealing video, some of WWE’s finest shared their thoughts:

CM Punk: “There are various strategies to consider…”

Dominik Mysterio: “30. What kind of question is that?”


Punk: “Strategically, it’s clear that you’d want to be number 30.”

Damian Priest: “Everybody’s going to say 30.”

Dominik Mysterio: “Why would I want to be number one? So I can face 29 other competitors right away? No, thank you.”

Chelsea Green: “30. No brainer.”

CM Punk: “I think many pro wrestlers aspire to be number 1 to prove they can be the Iron Man and win it all.”

Rhea Ripley: “Number 1. Been there, done that. I won the 2023 Royal Rumble at number 1, and Mami is always on top.”

Priest: “I’ll tell you what, I’ll enter first and leave last.”

Bianca Belair: “Number 3 because that’s where I triumphed last time.”

CM Punk: “Considering my age now, give me number 30.”

Nia Jax (interrupting): “25.”

Punk: “She’s saying I look like I’m 25.”

Just to clarify, when Nia Jax mentioned 25, she was actually commenting on CM Punk’s youthful appearance off-camera.

Rhea Ripley did indeed secure victory in the 2023 Royal Rumble, while Gunther came close to winning the men’s Rumble match but was eventually eliminated by Cody Rhodes. Gunther’s impressive performance began as he entered at number 1, eventually setting a new record for the longest time spent in the match at 1 hour, 11 minutes, and 40 seconds.

What are your thoughts or predictions for the upcoming WWE Royal Rumble event, including potential surprise entrants and match outcomes? Let us now in the comments.

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