Anthony Ogogo has certainly made an impact after making his debut in AEW a couple of years ago. That said, he hasn’t been used in AEW for a long time now but despite that, he inked a new deal with the company.

Anthony Ogogo made his AEW debut back at Double or Nothing in 2021, where he was beaten by Cody Rhodes. Due to the negative reception of that particular match, Ogogo was rarely used after that.

While speaking on AEW Unrestricted, Anthony Ogogo revealed that he has signed a new deal with AEW, expressing his enthusiasm for the opportunity. He stated that AEW President Tony Khan has extended Ogogo’s contract, signifying confidence in his potential.

Ogogo stressed the importance of gaining more in-ring experience in AEW and is eager to demonstrate his abilities, expressing a desire to contribute and showcase his worth in front of larger audiences.


”There’s working there (on the independents) and there’s working AEW. So I’m in a weird situation now where I think there’s a lot of potential around me and Tony Khan has signed me and he’s re-signed me. So he obviously sees something in me and I have this aura which people haven’t got because they haven’t done what I’ve done in real life. But it’s like, I need to get the experience. It’s what do you do?”

”Do I put myself out and do every indie? Just go on and get the experience? But then again, working in front of 100 people is very different to working in front of 5,000 against somebody else, or do I just kind of sit and be patient? But I don’t wanna be patient… I don’t wanna be patient anymore. I wanna show my worth. I just wanna show what I can do… If I didn’t think I could deliver, I wouldn’t be saying this. But I know what I can do, I know what I have. I just wanna contribute.”

Anthony Ogogo was seen during AEW All In in London last year but hasn’t really done much ever since. We will have to wait and see if AEW will have something significant planned for him in the future.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

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