Velveteen Dream first signed with NXT in 2015 and quickly established himself as one of the most charismatic superstars on the roster. His in-ring work was an exception and he was able to get over with the fans.

Velveteen put on great matches in the ring and soon became one of the top stars in the company. However, there were several allegations levied on him which led to his eventual release from the company and the end of his promising WWE run.

One of the allegations was levied by former WWE Superstar EC3. During an earlier interview, EC3 revealed that Velveteen Dream tried to film other superstars using the bathroom at his residence.

In a recent interview with Chris Van Vliet, Dream addressed those allegations by going into details about incidents that transpired that night. Dream also accused EC3 of introducing drugs into the party.


“It’s very simple what happened. EC3, myself, a young lady, and two former talents that I’ve worked with were in downtown Orlando, Wall Street. The bars closed around 2:30 and EC3, Michael Hutter, he lives in downtown Orlando. So EC3 invited myself, the two talents, and the female, who I don’t recall who she was, invited us back to his apartment. EC3 brings out a framed black and white picture of Tom Selleck with a pile of cocaine on this picture of Tom Selleck and he puts it down on his dining room table and, like, let’s party boys.”

Velveteen Dream then went on to say that substances are a part of EC3’s life and he has trouble controlling them.

“It all takes us the time that it takes us and I know better than most that depending on where we are and what happens in our lives, we can find it extremely difficult to control certain aspects of ourselves. I understand that. It’s no question in my mind that EC3, and I don’t like calling my co-workers by their wrestling name. I think it’s gonna take Mike the time it takes him, but it’s going to be the same work that I’ve had to put in and the same work that many people in the world living and passed on have had to put in, and that work is step number one, admitting that there is an issue that needs to be resolved. Again, no question. I think that substance, I can’t say abuse, but substances are an aspect of Mike’s life that he has a problem controlling.”

Dream then concluded by saying that he may have left his phone in the bathroom but it was not filming anything.

Mike still follows me on Instagram. As I did some digging, I looked at some YouTube videos. I saw that there was a show Mike was doing. He had the microphone in his hand and Mike, EC3 is talking and berating the crowd and someone from the crowd yells, ‘Why are you still following Velveteen Dream’ which is a great question because if you’re going to make the claims that someone is trying to film you in the privacy of your own home, when substances and drinks are around, forget whatever type of sexual overtone EC3 tried to make with his accusation, I’ve got co-workers, we’ve got co-workers, that were in this room with and you got cocaine and Tom Selleck sitting over here at the table. You got bottles of vodka and tequila and things like this sitting over here at the bar. It’s just not a setting where you would want to have your phone out recording anything anyway, which I was never doing. I think at some point during the night, EC3 walked into the bathroom where my phone was laying flat, saw it, and maybe had some interpersonal conflict on how he wanted to deal with that, but that was never true.”

It will be interesting to see if EC3 will respond to these serious allegations by Velveteen Dream. Stay tuned to Ringside News for more updates on this story.

What do you make of these allegations against Velveteen Dream? Do you think they are true? Sound off in the comments section.

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