Prepare yourselves, WWE fans, as The Deadman is making his presence known in WWE 2K24.

With each passing year, WWE enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the release of a new video game title to add to their collection. 2K has been diligently working on their next offering, and they’ve started building excitement with tantalizing hints.

WWE 2K24 is scheduled for release this year, and 2K wasted no time stoking the hype machine. They simply shared a graphic and a date, but that was enough to set the fanbase abuzz and send the franchise’s next installment trending on social media.

WWE Games’ official Twitter/X account reminded fans to mark January 22nd on their calendars. Additionally, they dropped a somewhat cryptic yet unmistakable hint that The Undertaker will play a role in whatever they have in store.


As we eagerly await the new game’s release, these teases are bound to continue, and who knows, we might even learn the official release date in the days ahead. For reference, the previous installment, WWE 2K23, hit the shelves on March 14th, 2023.

What are your expectations for WWE 2K24, especially with the hint of The Undertaker’s involvement in the game? Are there any specific features or improvements you’re hoping to see in this installment? Leave a comment.

Steve Carrier

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