John Cena shows up whenever he wants to, and he can pretty much pick his projects. He has a lot of talent, and no matter where he appears, he is certain to garner attention. The same is true for Rob Gronkowsi, so when the two share the screen fans are in for something special.

FanDuel, who leads the world of online betting in North America, reached out directly to Ringside News and revealed the second installment of its Super Bowl LVIII campaign titled “Kick of Destiny 2.” This campaign prominently features two heavyweight sports figures, John Cena and Rob Gronkowski.

The latest ad spot dives deeper into the narrative of Gronk’s journey to Las Vegas for his redemption field goal. This is quite a story to tell in a commercial.

The storyline takes a compelling turn as the four-time Super Bowl champion, Gronkowski, breaks into the FanDuel headquarters. In bold move, Gronk persuades executives to take a chance on him for a Kick of Destiny sequel this year, proposing to take John Cena’s place in return.


The ad spot introduces tension between Gronk and Cena, with the 16x WWE Champion attempting to assert dominance over the NFL legend tight end. We will have to see how this pans out when the final commercial drops.

You can check out the new John Cena commercial below. It is certainly a good advertisement, and more proof that the Super Bowl commercials are far from a dead idea.

What’s your take on John Cena’s new commercial? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

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