John Cena is a shoo-in WWE Hall of Famer, and his name brings big business whenever he’s on the card. He also made his way to the top of WWE with a very interesting philosophy.

John Cena has been given a ton of huge matches in his career. It appears that he never asked for any of them. That stands out as a very interesting idea as politics are rampant in pro wrestling.

While speaking to Insight with Chris Van Vliet, Lexis King revealed that John Cena once told him something very interesting. Cena said that he never pitched a match in his entire career.

“I had successful pitches in AEW. I pitched for Julia Hart to join the Varsity Blondes, and I pitched the name. It’s like, ‘oh my pitch was successful, I must be doing something right.’ Here in WWE, we have people for that. We have writers and creative. We don’t have to pitch ideas. We just have to be the best in-ring performers, on the mic performers and be the best f*cking rock n roll sleaze ball kinda look at me kinda guy — and if I’m the best dirt bag that they have who dresses like a rock n roll guy, then they’re gonna use me.”


“I’m not going to go to the office and say that I wanna face someone. Never again. John Cena told me he’s never pitched an opponent in his entire career.”

John Cena is regarded as the Greatest of All Time for a reason, and he’s been wanted for plenty of big matches in the past. It appears that Cena has never needed to ask anyone to face him, because WWE had no problem figuring out something to do with him.

Lexis King just wants to be the best Superstar he can be, and that will pay off. Hopefully, he can stay sleazy and healthy, so he can take every opportunity WWE has for him.

What’s your take on John Cena never asking for an opponent in his entire career? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

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