WWE programming is going through a new era without Kevin Dunn. Now that Lee Fitting has his gig, it appears that even new segments are coming.

Fans may have observed recent changes in WWE production, marking a shift in the approach since the conclusion of the Kevin Dunn era. The outcome has swiftly introduced several elements that were previously not favored by Dunn but have now become standard.

These include two distinct videos in WWE Raw and Smackdown. One showcases Chelsea Green and Piper Niven confronting Kayden Carter and Katana Chance at a club. The other, featured on Smackdown, highlights Butch/Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate.

Sean Sapp noted behind Fightful’s paywall that WWE is now able to produce these promos now that Kevin Dunn is no longer a part of the picture. That team is headed by Jeremy Borash, and comprised of the team he was able to put together in NXT.


“For those that drew the comparison to NXT, you’d be correct. We’re told that Triple H allowed Jeremy Borash to put together a team in NXT for the past three years, where it would be safely under Kevin Dunn’s radar. Triple H was said to have been happy with how they played out, and with Dunn’s departure, there is a door open to feature that style of promos across all WWE shows.”

“We’ve spoken to several people associated with helping put together the promos that spoke highly of the new process and the freedom to to them. One source noted that under Dunn, the segment would have likely cut away to several different things, but the new method was to let the characters breathe, and the segment to play out.”

It was also noted that the reception for those new segment styles have received positive marks backstage. We will have to see if they do anything else outside the box, but it appears that Kevin Dunn is no longer around to shoot down certain ideas.

Kevin Dunn’s WWE exit surprised a lot of people, and it appears that WWE is going to keep going without him. Now, that appears to come with a few changes along the way, some that Dunn previously resisted.

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Felix Upton

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