The pro wrestling world is full of controversy, and one company is really getting a lot of negative attention right now. Women’s wrestling is on the rise, and they have a ton of fans, but one company is not interested in catering to that demographic.

In a notable development that has drawn attention within the wrestling community, a Florida promoter has unveiled the establishment of a new wrestling promotion called “All Men’s Pro.” Despite recent advancements in inclusivity and diversity within the professional wrestling world, this new initiative appears to take a different approach by focusing exclusively on male participants.

The wrestling industry has undergone changes, embracing diversity and inclusivity through the promotion of women’s wrestling, intergender matches, and a commitment to showcasing talent regardless of gender. That being said, not all companies are in that same league.

A regional promoter known in the industry as Florida Joe asserts that this promotion is not intended to make a statement on gender politics. Instead, he states that its purpose is to “provide something for the fellas.”


When questioned about the potential consequences of not aligning with the trend of showcasing athletes of different genders, which could result in the promotion becoming disconnected from the evolving preferences of wrestling fans, Florida Joe responded to Wrestlers & Entertainers. He acknowledged that while the company will exclusively feature male wrestlers, there will be a female presence on the show.

“We do intend to involve women. We’re reintroducing the Nitro Girls concept, where provocatively dressed women will dance between matches to entertain the male audience. Additionally, the winner of the 1995 Wet Willie’s Wet T-Shirt contest, Dora Ray, will be ringside, managing our 50/50 raffle.”

Max Caster commented on this new idea for a pro wrestling company, as he called it disgusting. Obviously, there are a lot of opinions about this new concept.

We will have to see what happens next in this situation. Pro wrestling is supposed to be inclusive, but odds are, this company won’t be winning over any progressive fans at this point.

What’s your take on this new pro wrestling concept without women? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

Felix Upton

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