TNA, formerly known as Impact Wrestling, has been making waves in the world of professional wrestling recently, with several noteworthy developments and backstage insights coming to light during the “Hard to Kill” event and TV tapings weekend. Let’s dive into the exciting details, courtesy of PWInsider.

Upcoming TV Tapings

TNA’s action-packed schedule continues with TV tapings scheduled for Friday, January 19th, and Saturday, January 20th, at Osceola Heritage Park in Orlando, Florida. Wrestling fans can expect more thrilling matches and surprises as the company builds on its momentum.

Josh Alexander vs. Will Ospreay 2: A Match to Remember

One of the standout moments of the weekend was the highly anticipated rematch between Josh Alexander and Will Ospreay. This thrilling encounter, which took place during the TV tapings, garnered widespread praise and left fans buzzing. The level of athleticism and storytelling displayed in this match was nothing short of extraordinary.

Talk of Returning to Las Vegas and White Plains, NY

Fans of TNA have even more to look forward to as there is already talk of the promotion returning to Las Vegas. The city has been a hotbed for wrestling events, and TNA’s return could create a buzz among fans in the area. Additionally, there are discussions about TNA making its way to White Plains, New York, later in the year, offering fans in the Empire State a chance to witness the excitement live.


Kazuchika Okada’s Triumphant Return

Kazuchika Okada, a wrestling legend in his own right, made his triumphant return to TNA after many years. This emotional comeback was described as a “healing” moment for Okada, who had previously faced difficulties under the management of the company. In a six-man tag bout, Okada showcased his incredible skills, earning admiration from fans and fellow wrestlers alike. After the match, he took to the microphone to express his gratitude and even pointed to the promotion’s logo, symbolizing his endorsement of the company’s new direction.

TNA’s rebranding efforts and recent events have injected new life and enthusiasm into the wrestling world. With thrilling matches, emotional comebacks, and plans for future expansion, TNA is set to continue making headlines.

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