TNA Wrestling’s highly anticipated Hard to Kill event is here, and fans are buzzing with excitement as it signals the long-awaited return of TNA after a hiatus of several years. As expected, there is a thrilling lineup of matches that fans can eagerly anticipate.

The action-packed TNA Hard to Kill event is scheduled to kick off at 8:00 PM EST, with the pre-show starting at 7:00 PM EST. Stay tuned to this page for live updates, match highlights, and results as the event unfolds. We encourage you to share your reactions in the comments section below. Take a look at the event lineup below for all the exciting matchups.

TNA Hard to Kill (1/13) Card:

  • TNA World Championship: Alex Shelley vs. Moose
  • Knockouts World Championship: Trinity vs. Jordynne Grace
  • Josh Alexander vs. Alex Hammerstone
  • X Division Championship: Chris Sabin vs. El Hijo del Vikingo vs. Kushida
  • TNA World Tag Team Championship: ABC vs. The Rascalz vs. Grizzled Young Vets vs. Mike Bailey and Trent Seven; Four-way tag team match
  • Knockouts Ultimate X match: Gisele Shaw vs. Xia Brookside vs. Jody Threat vs. Tasha Steelz vs. Alisha Edwards vs. Dani Luna
  • PCO vs. Dirty Dango
  • Rich Swann vs. Steve Maclin
  • Eddie Edwards and Brian Myers vs. Eric Young and Frankie Kazarian
  • TNA Digital Media Championship: Tommy Dreamer vs. Crazzy Steve

TNA Hard to Kill (1/13) Pre-Show Results:

Many fans are energetically waving yellow TNA rally towels in the crowd.

Rich Swann vs. Steve Maclin

The match started with intense back-and-forth action. Swann executed a flawless headscissors takedown, followed by a powerful kick that sent Maclin tumbling to the floor. Swann then dived over the ropes with a pescado, landing on Maclin outside the ring. Returning to the ring, Swann executed a spectacular bodypress off the ropes, resulting in a near fall. He continued his offense with a series of devastating chops and strikes. However, Maclin managed to halt Swann’s momentum with a thunderous chop across the chest.


Maclin dominated Swann for a period, but Swann made a strong comeback with a leaping lariat that got the crowd chanting in his favor. Swann followed up with a series of powerful rights and a slap to Maclin before delivering a devastating kick to the head for a near fall.

Maclin managed to regain control by executing a cutter off the turnbuckles, coming very close to securing the victory. Swann’s attempt at a 450 splash from the top rope didn’t connect, allowing Maclin to take advantage. Swann, however, fought back and attempted a superplex, but Maclin thwarted him and delivered a headbutt from the top rope for multiple near falls.

Maclin then applied a Boston Crab, putting pressure on Swann. Swann showed great resilience, inching his way to the ropes and finally breaking the hold.

The match continued with Maclin kicking Swann in the gut and landing a powerful right hand. Swann retaliated with a handspring cutter and a kick, nearly getting a two-count. Swann’s attempt at a Phoenix Splash didn’t go as planned, and Maclin caught him in the corner, executed the Crosshairs move, and followed it up with the KIA for the pinfall victory.

The winner of the match is Steve Maclin.

AJ Francis and DJ Whoo made their presence known by debuting a new music video. However, their moment in the spotlight was interrupted by Joe Hendry, who entered the ring. Hendry expressed his desire to be the first to welcome them to TNA and took a humorous jab at Francis, referencing his NFL and WWE stints and his title as the Cheez-Its Champion.

As a part of his comedic act, Hendry even offered Francis a box of Cheez-Its. Unexpectedly, DJ Whoo blindsided Hendry from behind with a laptop, catching him off guard. This attack allowed AJ Francis to capitalize, as he delivered a massive chokeslam to Hendry, making a powerful statement.

After the attack on Joe Hendry, AJ Francis didn’t hold back and proceeded to talk trash about Hendry, further establishing his dominance and asserting his presence.

Following that, they aired a video feature focusing on the upcoming matchup between Jordynne Grace and Trinity for the X-Division Championship, providing viewers with insights and highlights leading up to this significant championship bout.

Eddie Edwards & Brian Myers (with Alisha Edwards) vs. Frankie Kazarian & Eric Young

The match got underway with Eric Young taking control against Brian Myers. Myers, looking to regroup, quickly backed up and tagged Eddie Edwards into the match. In response, Kazarian tagged in for his team, reigniting their feud from the previous year as they engaged in an intense back-and-forth battle.

Kazarian gained the upper hand with a well-executed clothesline that sent Edwards to the outside. However, Myers attempted a kick but was caught off guard by a diving attack from Eric Young. Meanwhile, Edwards resorted to some less-than-sportsmanlike tactics by raking Young’s face while holding him against the ropes. Despite this, the crowd rallied behind Young, chanting “Let’s Go E-Y.”

Brian Myers then applied a side chinlock, trying to keep Young grounded and prevent him from making a tag. Young fought valiantly to break free but was momentarily halted by a stiff elbow from Myers. The opposing team, known as “The System,” continued to tag in and out, effectively isolating Young and thwarting his attempts to reach his corner and tag out to his partner.

In the midst of the action, Kazarian managed to execute a backstabber and followed it up with a slingshot cutter, looking for a pinfall, but Brian Myers kicked out at two.

However, Edwards and Myers quickly regrouped and cut off Young in the corner. Edwards delivered a backpack stunner to further weaken Young, while Myers came off the top rope with a flying elbow drop, but it still wasn’t enough to secure the victory.

Eric Young had a moment of resurgence as he pulled Eddie Edwards to the outside of the ring. Meanwhile, Kazarian capitalized by nailing the Tomakaze on Myers, setting up a potential win. Young then soared through the air with a flying elbow drop, but to everyone’s surprise, Myers managed to kick out at the very last moment, displaying incredible resilience and determination.

In the midst of the action, Kazarian managed to execute a backstabber and followed it up with a slingshot cutter, looking for a pinfall, but Brian Myers kicked out at two.

However, Edwards and Myers quickly regrouped and cut off Young in the corner. Edwards delivered a backpack stunner to further weaken Young, while Myers came off the top rope with a flying elbow drop, but it still wasn’t enough to secure the victory.

Eric Young had a moment of resurgence as he pulled Eddie Edwards to the outside of the ring. Meanwhile, Kazarian capitalized by nailing the Tomakaze on Myers, setting up a potential win. Young then soared through the air with a flying elbow drop, but to everyone’s surprise, Myers managed to kick out at the very last moment, displaying incredible resilience and determination.

The back-and-forth battle between the two teams continued until The System managed to secure the victory. They executed their finishing moves, with The Roster Cut followed by the Boston Knee Party, ultimately pinning their opponents.

As a result, The System emerged victorious in this hard-fought contest, showcasing some excellent action from start to finish.

TNA Digital Championship: Crazzy Steve vs. Tommy Dreamer

They aired a video feature, highlighting the upcoming match between Tommy Dreamer and Crazzy Steve. During the feature, it was mentioned that Tommy Dreamer had undergone a significant transformation, losing an impressive 40 pounds, which added an intriguing element to the match and showcased his dedication to his craft.

In their intense matchup, Tommy Dreamer and Crazzy Steve locked up, but Steve resorted to a low kick to gain the advantage. He then forced Dreamer into the corner and unleashed a brutal attack by biting Dreamer’s face. Despite the aggression, Dreamer fought back, but he was abruptly snapped throat-first over the top rope.

The battle spilled out to the ringside area, where Dreamer managed to execute a suplex on Steve. Dreamer then introduced weapons into the mix, using them to work over Steve. However, his offensive surge was short-lived as Steve caught him with a dropkick upon reentering the ring. Steve continued his assault by smashing a chair across Dreamer’s back.

Despite the punishment, Dreamer found a way to mount a comeback but was suddenly hit with a droptoe hold, sending him face-first into the back of a chair. Steve didn’t hold back, relentlessly drilling Dreamer with the chair once again and resorting to ruthless tactics by twisting Dreamer’s neck and ripping at his face.

The situation escalated when Steve produced a fork from his gear, attempting to stab Dreamer in the face. Dreamer fought back, delivering a series of powerful clubbing blows. He then attempted his signature Bionic Elbow but was met with a kick from Steve. Remarkably, Dreamer absorbed the kick and retaliated with The Elbow. Dreamer followed up with a power slam using a chair, but unfortunately, he missed an elbow drop, hitting the chair instead. Crazzy Steve intensified the brutality of the match by executing a Twist of Fate with Tommy Dreamer’s head sandwiched inside a chair, causing even more damage to his opponent. After this devastating move, Steve headed to the outside and retrieved a Singapore Cane, signaling his intent to further punish Dreamer with this weapon.

In a bid to escalate the mayhem, Crazzy Steve wedged a trash can into the corner of the ring, causing the trash inside it to spill out and litter the canvas.

However, before Steve could utilize the Singapore Cane, he was caught off guard as Tommy Dreamer hit him with a cutter. Dreamer then took the cane and began to use it as a weapon, delivering a head and arms Tazplex with the cane in hand, but it only resulted in a two-count pin attempt.

Dreamer took the chaos to another level by grabbing some garbage, wiping his rear with it, and then shoving it into Steve’s mouth, adding humiliation to the physical punishment. Undeterred, Steve retaliated by raking Dreamer’s face and sending him crashing into the trash can, ensuring that the battle remained hard-hitting and chaotic.

Crazzy Steve continued to inflict punishment on Tommy Dreamer, taking the brutality to another level. He taped Dreamer’s hands together to immobilize him and then placed a collection of forks under Dreamer’s shirt, with the intent of using them to cause even more pain. Steve began stomping on Dreamer, aiming to impale him with the forks, creating a gruesome and painful spectacle.

To further cement his dominance, Steve executed a cannonball splash onto Dreamer, a move that garnered a TNA chant from the crowd. Finally, Steve finished off Dreamer with his signature move, Belladonna’s Kiss, and secured the pinfall victory.

As a result of this intense and brutal contest, Crazzy Steve emerged as the new Digital Media Champion.

TNA Hard to Kill (1/13) Results:

Tom Hanifan and Matt Rehwoldt took a moment to run down the lineup of matches and events scheduled for the upcoming pay-per-view, providing the audience with an overview of what to expect during the event. This typically serves as a way to build anticipation and excitement for the upcoming matches and storylines.

Ultimate X Match: Xia Brookside vs. Jody Threat vs. Alisha Edwards vs. Tasha Steelz vs. Gisele Shaw vs. Dani Luna

The match began with all the competitors scrambling to climb up the structure, and a chaotic battle ensued. Each wrestler hit big moves to gain the upper hand. Brookside executed a series of clotheslines and managed to DDT Steelz. Gisele hit Xia with a sequence of back elbows, and Threat entered the fray, delivering a powerful lariat. Threat then showcased her strength by performing several German suplexes. Luna caught her and responded with a Fall Away Slam, demonstrating her dominance. Luna also unleashed exploder suplexes on everyone and even dove onto Shaw and Brookside on the outside.

Threat attempted to climb the structure but instead dove onto everyone on the floor. She made another attempt to climb but was grabbed by Alisha Edwards, who tossed her down onto the pile of competitors. The crowd showed their appreciation with a “TNA” chant as the wrestlers continued to execute high-impact spots.

Dani Luna established herself as a powerhouse, powerbombing two competitors from the same corner and then powerbombing Gisele. Xia made her way across the cables but was pulled down and powerbombed. Meanwhile, Alisha Edwards tried to make her way across, but Luna pulled her down for a powerbomb, which Edwards turned into a DDT. Edwards grabbed a Singapore Cane and used it to attack everyone in the ring, but Xia countered with a lungblower.

The match escalated with a series of big moves, culminating in Threat nailing a double-decker DVDR on Xia and Edwards. Luna, Shaw, and Steelz battled their way to the X as they reached the center of the cables. Shaw swung the X at Luna and then Steelz, causing a collision. In the end, Shaw retrieved the X and secured the victory.

Gisele Shaw emerged as the winner of this intense and hard-fought contest, earning the appreciation of the crowd with their impressive efforts, and the audience chanted “Thank you, Knockouts” to show their appreciation for the incredible performance.

Dirty Dango with Alpha Bravo and Oleg Prudius vs. PCO

Fandango (Dango) kicked off the show with some microphone work, expressing his disdain for TNA in his promo.

Meanwhile, PCO made a grand entrance that paid homage to the classic Universal Monsters theme. The entrance was in black and white and featured PCO being “brought to life,” which was a nod to the iconic horror movies. This unique and creative entrance was well-received, especially by fans of Universal Monsters, adding an extra layer of excitement to the event.

In the early stages of the match, PCO dominated, showcasing his impressive skills. He executed a tope con hilo, diving over the top rope to the floor, targeting Dango. PCO followed it up with an inverted DDT and climbed to the top rope, seemingly preparing for a moonsault. However, the match took a turn when Bravo interfered, causing the referee to call for a disqualification. It indeed was a screwy finish to the second match of the night.

As tensions rose, it seemed like there might be further developments, possibly involving the Flying Elvises, but instead, Rhino made a surprise entrance, coming to PCO’s aid with his theme music playing. Rhino challenged Oleg Prudius (PCO) to a fight, but Prudius attempted to enter the ring, only to be stopped by Bravo and Dango.

Santino Marella then made his presence known, determined not to let the situation unfold in such a way on TNA’s return night. He announced that the match would now become a tag team contest, with Rhino and PCO forming a team. Marella declared it a three-on-three match, with Jake Something joining Rhino and PCO.

PCO, Jake Something, and Rhino vs. Dirty Dango, Oleg Prudius, and Alpha Bravo

In the six-man tag team match featuring PCO, Jake Something, and Rhino facing off against Dirty Dango, Oleg Prudius, and Alpha Bravo, the action was intense from the beginning. Jake Something made a dramatic entrance by sprinting down the ramp, which was level with the ring, and then diving over the top rope to target the heels. PCO followed this up with a breathtaking PCO Sault, taking the fight to the heels at ringside.

As the match progressed, Rhino and Oleg Prudius found themselves in the ring together, and Rhino gained the upper hand in their brief exchange. Rhino attempted to spear Dirty Dango, but Dango managed to evade the move, causing Alpha Bravo to inadvertently take the spear instead. Jake Something capitalized on the situation by powerbombing Dango onto Bravo.

PCO continued to showcase his high-flying abilities by performing a top rope moonsault onto Bravo and subsequently pinning him for the victory.

In the end, PCO, Jake Something, and Rhino secured the win in this thrilling six-man tag team bout, defeating Dirty Dango, Oleg Prudius, and Alpha Bravo.

Footage was aired of a car arriving at the venue, with a man opening the car door for a woman who then walked toward the event venue. The broadcast team hinted at an impending collision of worlds during the show, creating intrigue among viewers. Reholdt, while appearing to know who the arriving individual was, kept the details mysterious without offering any hints.

Following this, the Knockouts Tag Team Champions known as “MK Ultra,” consisting of Masha Slamovich and Killer Kelly, made their entrance to the ring. The broadcast team discussed their surprise title defense and questioned which team they would face. The anticipation grew as the lights went out, and the entrance video for Decay played. Rosemary and Havok, members of Decay, then made their entrance, setting the stage for an exciting showdown.

“MK Ultra” Masha Slamovich and Killer Kelly vs. Rosemary and Havok for the Knockouts Tag Team Titles

The anticipation was high as the broadcast team wondered who would step up to challenge the Knockouts Tag Team Champions. To the delight of the crowd, the surprise return of Rosemary and Havok in their Decay guises was revealed, and the audience erupted with excitement.

Decay immediately took control of the match, with Rosemary showcasing her strength by delivering some impressive German suplexes on Masha Slamovich. However, Killer Kelly tripped up Rosemary, allowing Masha to rebound and execute a double stomp off the ropes for a near fall.

Masha and Kelly worked together to maintain their advantage, slamming each other atop Rosemary for near falls. The champions double-teamed Rosemary, and Kelly landed a significant kick to her face for a two-count. Rosemary eventually made the hot tag, bringing in Havok, who cleaned house with powerful clotheslines.

Havok attempted a double chokeslam on the champions, but they managed to kick her and escape. Havok retaliated with a double clothesline and tried for a double suplex, but the champions reversed it. She followed up with a legdrop on Masha, but Kelly intervened with a dropkick to break up the pinfall.

Masha then executed the Snowplow on Havok, but to everyone’s surprise, Havok kicked out at just one. Masha and Kelly unleashed a flurry of kicks on Havok, but she retaliated by slamming them together and delivering a double chokeslam. Rosemary and Havok double-teamed Kelly and secured the pinfall victory.

In a surprising turn of events, Rosemary and Havok became the new Knockouts Tag Team Champions, delighting the crowd and adding an exciting twist to the championship scene.

During the broadcast, there was a segment where Scott D’Amore stood alongside a trainer and members of the NFL Alumni, promoting the Huddle For Health initiative. This initiative likely focused on health and wellness, possibly related to NFL players and alumni.

Footage was then shown of Steve Maclin defeating Rich Swann in the pre-show opening match. Gia Miller conducted a brief interview with Maclin, likely to get his thoughts on the victory and his future in TNA.

Following that, Scott D’Amore made his entrance and addressed the audience from the stage. He introduced AAA promoter Dorian Roldan and showcased a video package. Roldan spoke in both Spanish and English, welcoming fans to the first TNA pay-per-view of 2024. He also mentioned bringing more AAA talent to the United States. D’Amore then revealed an “official partnership” contract that both men had signed, signifying a collaboration between TNA and AAA.

El Hijo del Vikingo made his entrance, shook hands with both promoters, and headed to the ring for the X Division Title match. The entrances of Kushida and Chris Sabin followed, setting the stage for an exciting bout.

Chris Sabin vs. Kushida vs. El Hijo del Vikingo in a three-way for the X Division Title

The X Division Title match featured a fast-paced and action-packed start, with all the competitors engaging in rapid exchanges. Kushida took control early, elevating his opponents over the ropes to the apron and nailing a handspring kick on both of them, sending them to the floor. He continued to display his agility with a flip off the apron onto Chris Sabin.

Kushida then locked on a Hoverboard Lock on El Hijo del Vikingo, who managed to reach the ropes to break the submission hold. Vikingo had his moments to shine, showcasing his athleticism with a springboard into a rana on Sabin and executing some impressive spinning kicks. He further impressed by nailing an inverted flip into a rana on Kushida.

Vikingo attempted a submission on Kushida, but Sabin intervened by attacking him from behind. Sabin then demonstrated his strength with a series of German suplexes, adding to the excitement of the match. Overall, the match was filled with high-energy and fast-paced action, keeping the audience engaged.

The X Division Title match continued to deliver with a series of exciting and fast-paced sequences. Chris Sabin missed a charge in the corner but managed to recover and locked on a Maple Leaf submission hold, transitioning into an STF. However, Kushida came to the rescue, breaking the hold with a well-timed dropkick.

Kushida then attempted to lock up El Hijo del Vikingo’s legs for a Muta Lock, but Sabin intervened and began working over Kushida while Vikingo was trapped. Kushida eventually freed himself and retaliated with some hard-hitting strikes, following up with a hammerlock suplex while still locking up Vikingo’s legs.

Kushida continued his offensive assault by nailing a big lariat in the corner and attempting to lock the Hoverboard Lock on both opponents simultaneously. He then executed a Monkey Flip on Vikingo, who sailed into Sabin and connected with a headscissor takedown. Vikingo followed it up with another headscissor takedown and later nailed a spectacular moonsault to the floor, targeting his opponents.

The match remained super entertaining as Vikingo executed a missile dropkick on Sabin, and Kushida also hit one. Sabin countered with a bodypress, but all three competitors were too spent to capitalize, leading to a moment where they were all down and out on the mat. The crowd chanted in appreciation of the action, recognizing the incredible effort from all three wrestlers.

Sabin managed to execute a Michinoku Driver on Vikingo, but Kushida broke up the pinfall attempt. Vikingo retaliated with a spinning kick and followed it up with a Torture Rack into a GTS-style move, driving his knee into Sabin’s face. Vikingo then showcased his high-flying skills with a remarkable springboard 450 splash on the ring ramp, coming close to a victory with a two-count pinfall attempt. The match remained action-packed and kept the audience on the edge of their seats.

The X Division Title match continued to escalate with breathtaking maneuvers and near falls. El Hijo del Vikingo attempted to ascend to the top rope, but Kushida kicked his legs out from under him. Kushida seized the opportunity, locking on the Hoverboard Lock while on the top rope, then flipped Vikingo into the ring while maintaining the hold. However, Chris Sabin intervened by kicking Kushida to break up the submission attempt.

Kushida wasn’t deterred and locked on the Hoverboard Lock once again, but this time, Vikingo came off the top rope with a stomp to Kushida, breaking the hold and showing his resourcefulness.

Sabin and Kushida engaged in an intense chop exchange, firing each other up with hard-hitting strikes. They took their battle to the apron, where Sabin stunned the audience with a springboard Canadian Destroyer on the ramp. Despite the incredible move, it wasn’t enough to secure the victory.

Sabin continued to demonstrate his resilience, executing a massive back suplex off the top rope on Kushida. He then attempted his Cradleshock finishing move, but Kushida countered by locking on the Hoverboard Lock once more. Sabin powered out of the submission and finally nailed the Cradleshock to secure the pinfall victory.

With this hard-fought win, Chris Sabin retained the X Division Championship. The match was described as absolutely incredible, featuring an abundance of big moves, crazy fast sequences, and numerous near falls, making it a must-watch for fans of high-octane wrestling action.

A video package was shown featuring Alex Hammerstone issuing an open challenge online, and it was followed by Josh Alexander accepting the match. The anticipation built as both competitors made their entrances, setting the stage for what promised to be an intense and highly competitive bout.

Josh Alexander vs. Alex Hammerstone

The match between Alex Hammerstone and Josh Alexander marked Hammerstone’s debut in the company, and it was noted that he wasn’t signed to the company at the time. However, a strong showing in this match could potentially lead to a formal signing.

Hammerstone initially relied on his power advantage, while Josh Alexander utilized his wrestling expertise to counter his opponent’s offense. Hammerstone sent Alexander to the floor and followed it up with a pescado to the outside. Back in the ring, Alexander targeted Hammerstone’s leg, working on it methodically. Hammerstone fought back with shoulderblocks and chops but was taken down to the mat by Alexander, who continued to focus on the leg with an elbow to the knee. The crowd became engaged with dueling chants as the action unfolded.

Hammerstone attempted a Fall Away Slam, but Alexander landed on the apron. Alexander then slammed Hammerstone hard on the apron outside, intensifying their battle on the floor with a focus on Hammerstone’s back. Back in the ring, Alexander executed the Rolling Senton and a knee off the ropes for a two-count. He locked in the ankle lock, but Hammerstone managed to kick him off, though he received a kick to the face in return.

Hammerstone began psyching himself up and caught Alexander in a powerslam press, followed by a series of clotheslines in the corner. However, his knee began bothering him during the sequence. Hammerstone attempted the Pendulum, but Alexander escaped and re-applied the ankle lock, grapevining the leg. Hammerstone endured the submission hold, teasing a possible tap-out before finally reaching the ropes.

Alexander showed frustration that the move didn’t secure the victory. Hammerstone charged for a move, but his knee gave out, leading to a back-and-forth battle. Hammerstone avoided Alexander’s C4 Spike and countered with the Nightmare Pendulum. However, when he went for the pin, Alexander had rolled to the ropes.

The match continued with both competitors delivering chops and strikes. Hammerstone executed a sit-out powerbomb for a near fall, but the battle persisted. In the end, it was Josh Alexander who secured the victory with the C4 Spike, pinning Hammerstone for the win.

The match was praised for telling a compelling physical story, with both wrestlers displaying their skills and resilience, leading to a very entertaining encounter.

TNA Tag Team Champions ABC vs. Grizzled Young Veterans vs. The Rascalz vs. Laredo Kid & Mike Bailey

The tag team match featured lots of back-and-forth sequences before all eight competitors faced off. The GYVs (Grizzled Young Veterans) initially worked over Bailey, who fought back with a series of rapid-fire kicks. The GYVs utilized a blind tag to catch Bailey off guard with dropkicks. Zack Gibson continued to target Bailey, and the crowd rallied behind Speedball.

The Rascalz tagged in and joined forces to maintain their onslaught on Bailey. However, Bailey managed to kick them off and made a tag to Laredo Kid. Laredo Kid unleashed a flurry of high-impact moves, including slamming Wentz out of the buckles for a two-count.

ABC (Austin, Bey, and Chris) tagged in and demonstrated their signature double-team maneuvers to control the ring. Austin had a moment where he got caught on the ropes and twisted his ankle but appeared to be okay. Laredo Kid and Bailey worked together to deliver a series of kicks, showing their teamwork.

The GYVs attempted to capitalize, almost pinning Chris Bey after executing a Doomsday Device on Wentz for a close two-count. Bailey later nailed a big moonsault to the floor, adding excitement to the match. Laredo Kid found himself in the corner with GYV’s James Drake, but Bailey came to the rescue with a reverse rana off the top rope.

Bailey then attempted the Ultima Weapon on Drake, but The Rascalz intervened to break it up. Trey leapt over the top rope and executed a hurricanrana off the apron to the floor on Laredo. The Rascalz continued to double-team The GYVs, securing several two-counts. Eventually, the match reached its climax as ABC executed the Art of Finesse followed by The Fold for the pinfall victory.

ABC, consisting of Austin, Bey, and Chris, retained their TNA Tag Team Championships in a fast-paced and entertaining match. All eight competitors worked exceptionally hard, delivering an exciting sprint for the fans.

TNA Knockouts Champion Trinity vs. Jordynne Grace

The match between Jordynne Grace and Trinity began with a contrast of styles, pitting finesse against power. Both competitors were cautious early on, trying to feel each other out. Trinity relied on her kicking abilities to strike Grace from a distance, avoiding getting too close to the challenger, who possessed significant power.

However, Jordynne Grace managed to catch Trinity and slammed her down for a two-count. Grace then showcased her power advantage by delivering a powerful right forearm and working Trinity over in the corner with hard chops. The clash of styles and the physicality of the match set the stage for an intense encounter between the two competitors.

The match between Jordynne Grace and Trinity continued with Trinity briefly gaining control but then being tossed to the floor and hit with an impressive dive. Back in the ring, Trinity found herself on the receiving end of a powerbomb, a knee to the face, and an inside-out powerbomb, all of which resulted in a close two-count. The early narrative of the match was that Jordynne Grace’s power might prove too much for Trinity to handle.

Trinity fired back with a flurry of strikes but was eventually taken down by a clothesline. On the outside, Trinity was hit with the Juggernaut pumphandle slam. When they returned to the ring, Trinity responded with a series of knee strikes to the chest of Grace. Grace dared her opponent to hit harder but then grabbed Trinity’s leg. They engaged in a back-and-forth exchange of slaps and strikes, with Trinity delivering a powerful kick that brought Grace down to her knees. Trinity then executed a split-legged moonsault for a close two-count.

Grace regained her composure and fired back with an elbow to Trinity’s face before locking in a full nelson. Trinity was positioned atop the ropes, and Grace attempted a superplex, but Trinity fought back with a headbutt and a kick to ward her off. Grace countered with a spinning backfist and followed up with the muscle buster for another close two-count. The match continued to showcase the physicality and resilience of both competitors, making for an engaging showdown.

Trinity managed to trap Grace in the Starstruck submission hold, but Grace eventually found a way to escape. Trinity followed up with the Rear View, a move popularized by other wrestlers, which resulted in a close near fall.

Trinity attempted to use the ropes to drive Grace’s head into the mat, but Grace countered by backdropping Trinity over the ropes to the apron. The intense battle continued on the apron, with Trinity using the ropes to drive Grace’s face into the outside apron of the ring. The crowd showed their appreciation with a chant of “This is awesome,” recognizing the physicality and excitement of the match.

The back-and-forth battle between Jordynne Grace and Trinity continued as they exchanged offense and submission holds. Trinity managed to lock in Starstruck once again, but Grace displayed her incredible power by powering up. Trinity attempted to use the ropes to her advantage, but Grace flung her off into a German suplex.

Grace followed up with her signature spinning backfist and then executed the Juggernaut Driver for the pinfall victory. With this win, Jordynne Grace became the new Knockouts Champion, marking a significant achievement in her career.

TNA Champion Alex Shelley vs. Moose

Moose has significantly improved his physical condition since the last Impact PPV. Early in the match, the storyline revolved around Shelley using his technical expertise to keep Moose off balance, making him resort to using the ropes to break holds. Shelley targeted Moose’s arm, weakening it throughout the bout. Moose attempted a corner attack but was abruptly kicked off by Shelley, who followed up with a knee to Moose’s shoulder. Unexpectedly, Moose countered with a powerful dropkick, taking control of the match. Despite his arm bothering him due to Shelley’s earlier assaults, Moose continued to dominate Shelley for an extended period.

After some action outside the ring, Shelley managed to regain control by stomping on Moose’s injured arm on the apron. He then delivered a superkick to Moose’s head and attempted an armbar. Moose fought to resist and eventually positioned himself on top of the champion, securing a two-count. Shelley responded by snapping Moose’s arm and locking in a variation of KUSHIDA’s Hoverboard Lock. Moose fought back, striking Shelley and delivering punches to the side of his head. He proceeded to stomp on Shelley’s hands and arms before targeting his ankles and legs.

Moose maintained a methodical approach, systematically working over Shelley, who mounted a comeback with a series of strikes. However, Moose halted his momentum with a massive uranage, which earned him a two-count in this hard-fought match.

In a pivotal moment of the match, Moose found himself on the receiving end of a devastating DDT, which drove him into the unforgiving ring canvas, spiking him. The passionate crowd responded with chants for TNA, reflecting their enthusiasm for the action. Shelley followed up with a powerful shotgun dropkick, further intensifying his offense. He attempted a suplex, but Moose managed to reverse it, only to be met with a knee to the face that sent him crashing down.

Moose, undeterred, charged at Shelley, but Shelley evaded and sent him to the floor with a well-timed sliding kick. The two competitors engaged in a fierce battle outside the ring, with Moose seizing Shelley’s legs and forcing him to collide face-first with the apron. Moose then tried to execute a move, but Shelley retaliated by shoving him into the ring post and delivering Shellshock on the floor. The crowd joined in with chants of “TNA” as both men remained down on the outside.

Despite the punishing exchange, both Moose and Shelley managed to beat the countout and continued their hard-fought contest. Shelley capitalized by covering Moose for a two-count and followed it up with a kick to the jaw, subsequently driving him face-first into the turnbuckles. The match remained intense, with neither competitor willing to give an inch.

In an intense exchange, Shelley unleashed a forearm and a flurry of pinfall combinations, but Moose displayed incredible resilience by kicking out. Shelley attempted to apply the Border City Stretch, but Moose powered out and executed a powerbomb for a close two-count, delivering some truly impressive action.

Moose’s attempt at a spear backfired as he collided with the turnbuckles, aggravating his shoulder injury. However, he rebounded with a lariat, only to be thwarted when he went for the Uranage. Shelley countered with a Sliced Bread #2, but Moose kicked out, keeping the suspense alive. The System made their presence felt, but KUSHIDA and Chris Sabin intervened, engaging in a brawl that led them backstage. D’Angelo Williams distracted Shelley, creating an opening for Moose, but Shelley managed to evade and send Moose crashing onto the ramp. They continued their fierce battle on the ramp, with Shelley targeting Moose’s arm, slamming it against the edge of the ramp.

Inside the ring, the two competitors exchanged strikes and punches, engaging in a brutal chop fest. Shelley unleashed some Kawada kicks, and Moose responded with a headbutt, only to be met with a devastating clothesline as he rebounded in the ring. The crowd erupted in a massive “TNA” chant. Shelley nailed a superkick but couldn’t execute a Shellshock. Moose capitalized on the opportunity, delivering a spear and covering Shelley for the pinfall victory.

Moose was declared the new TNA Champion in what was an exceptional back-and-forth physical encounter. The System initially came out to celebrate, but a surprise entrance by Nic Nemeth, the former Dolph Ziggler, added an exciting twist. Wearing a Motley Crue shirt, Nemeth attacked Moose and left him incapacitated. He then went into the crowd, revealing a TNA t-shirt, which sent the audience into a frenzy as the show concluded.

It was indeed an excellent show, marking a remarkable resurrection for TNA.

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