The Undertaker was down to do lot of things in the ring for Vince McMahon, but he wasn’t down to do Booker T’s famous move. This is still apparently something the sticks with Vince McMahon to this day.

During a recent Q&A session on his Six Feet Under podcast, The Undertaker dove into Vince McMahon’s disappointment over a particular incident. McMahon consistently brings up his frustration about not being able to convince The Deadman to perform Booker T’s infamous Spinaroonie breakdancing move on television.

During that night, The Rock, Triple H, Vince McMahon, and Booker T all attempted their versions of The Spinaroonie in hopes of coaxing The Phenom into breaking character and doing it himself in the ring after the cameras stopped rolling for a live television show. This did not work, and Taker resisted throughout all the prodding from his peers, and his boss.

“It comes up quite a bit. It burns his ass. Let me just say this, he’s ribbed me on so many occasions, and he’s got me really good, but he never got me to do that Spinaroonie.”


“That’s the only carrot that I can hang on his head. As silly as that sounds, that bothers him. I mean, he’s the boss is the boss, right? He gets everything that he wants, and the fact that he couldn’t get me to do the Spinaroonie, I think he lays awake at night thinking about it. Like, ‘I couldn’t get him to do it,’ and it was a great effort to try.”

The Undertaker never did a spinaroonie, and odds are he never will. He seems to be 100% okay about that as well, even if it still sticks with Vince McMahon to this day.

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