Last night marked a significant moment in AEW as Chris Jericho made his first appearance since Worlds End, and the production team took a unique approach to his return.

In the episode of AEW Dynamite on January 10, 2023, we witnessed the long-awaited appearance of the new AEW World Champion, Samoa Joe, following his victory at Worlds End. However, this celebratory moment took an unexpected turn when Swerve Strickland and ‘Hangman’ Adam Page confronted Joe, and the tension escalated with HOOK getting involved. This confrontation led to the announcement of an upcoming title match between Joe and Hook, set to take place next week.

The most intriguing aspect of the evening came when Sammy Guevara secured a victory over Ricky Starks, only to be ambushed by Starks and Big Bill after the match. It was then that Chris Jericho made his entrance to save Guevara, but what set this moment apart was the continuous playing of his theme song, “Judas,” throughout the entire segment.

This creative decision by AEW’s production team raised eyebrows among fans, sparking discussions on Twitter.


Many speculated that the extended use of “Judas” might have been a strategic move to drown out potential boos from the crowd for Jericho or to keep fans engaged in singing along with his theme, thus diverting their attention from any negative reactions towards the former World Champion.

What are your thoughts on the unique approach to Chris Jericho’s return on AEW Dynamite, with the extended use of his theme song, ‘Judas’? Do you think it was a strategic move to manage crowd reactions or simply a creative choice by AEW’s production team? Share your opinions and insights on this intriguing moment in AEW

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