A WWE star has recently made her presence felt on NXT, sparking speculation about a potential alliance with an existing faction on the January 9th episode.

After their unsuccessful attempt to capture the NXT Tag Team Championships from Tony D’Angelo & Channing ‘Stacks’ Lorenzo, the members of OTM, including Bronco Nima, Lucien Price, and SCRYPTS, found themselves at a crossroads. This pivotal moment unfolded in a segment that took place in the parking lot of the WWE Performance Center.

In a surprising turn of events, rising WWE star Jaida Parker made an appearance and offered what could be described as a motivational speech to the perplexed trio of OTM. Her words seemed to resonate with them, particularly with SCRYPTS, who suggested that they should discuss business, hinting at the possibility of Parker joining their ranks permanently.

While Parker did not provide a concrete confirmation, she did break her silence on the matter by quote-tweeting the segment on Twitter. Her tweet featured a caption that hinted at a new character direction, saying, “Menace mentality.. 🤫”


This unexpected development has piqued the interest of wrestling fans, leaving them speculating about what the future holds for Jaida Parker and her potential involvement with OTM. As the storyline unfolds, it promises to add an intriguing dynamic to the NXT landscape.

For the full segment and further details on this storyline, you can check out the video link provided in Jaida Parker’s tweet.

What are your thoughts on Jaida Parker potentially aligning with OTM in NXT? Let us know in the comments.

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