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WWE NXT will start this week at 8:00 PM EST as always, match-by-match highlights and results from the show will take place on this very page. Feel free to leave any reactions in the comment section below. You can check out the lineup below.

WWE NXT (1/9/2024) Lineup:

  • NXT Tag Team Championship Match: The Family vs. OTM
  • Men’s Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Match: Bron Breakker & Baron Corbin vs. Gallus
  • Men’s Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Match: Nathan Frazer & Axiom vs. Hank Walker & Tank Ledger
  • Gigi Dolin vs. Cora Jade
  • Nikkita Lyons vs. Blair Davenport

WWE NXT (1/9/2024) Results:

In the Law and Order commercial preview, Blair Davenport unexpectedly ambushed Nikkita Lyons.

We begin by revisiting last week’s NXT episode, where we review the events that unfolded. We then witness the incident involving Blair’s assault, captured on camera.


Subsequently, Nikkita and Blair engage in a brawl that spills over to the ringside vicinity. Nikkita gains the upper hand by slamming Blair into the apron before they continue their clash inside the ring.

Blair Davenport vs. Nikkita Lyons

Lyons executes a suplex and follows it up with a running forearm in the corner. Blair counters with a back elbow and narrowly misses a double stomp from the turnbuckles, rolling through instead. Nikkita lands a kick for a close two-count. Lyons whips Blair, who manages to evade a suplex. Instead, Blair sends Lyons shoulder-first into the ring post and follows up with a double stomp off the apron. Climbing to the top turnbuckle, Blair delivers another double stomp to Lyons’ back, followed by a forearm. She transitions into a front face lock, then a guillotine.

Lyons attempts a back body drop, but Blair blocks it. Lyons counters with a package suplex and a forearm, leading to an exchange of strikes. Blair lands a kick, but Lyons responds with chest kicks, punches, and a suplex, though Blair lands awkwardly. Lyons executes a German suplex, a double jump seated splash, but only secures a near fall. Lyons misses a round kick, hitting the ring post, and Blair capitalizes with a dropkick.

Lyons tries to slam Blair, who escapes, and then Lyons clotheslines Blair over the top rope to the floor. Lyons kicks Blair and goes for a spinning back heel kick but misses and hits the ring post. Blair dives at Lyons’ knee and finishes with the Bea Trigger for the three-count.

The winner of the match is Blair Davenport.

Following the match, we transition to a video package about the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic narrated by Cody Rhodes. We then see Gallus walking backstage, and Bron Breakker and Baron Corbin also making their way backstage. The broadcast goes to a commercial break.

We return from the commercial break, and Hayes is seen talking on the phone. He informs Trick that he has some good news for him. However, Trick seems hesitant and expresses uncertainty about wanting to hear it. Hayes reassures him, emphasizing that he doesn’t take chances but rather secures championships. He acknowledges that Trick won his last match on his own but insists that he’s here to support Trick.

Hayes then reveals that they are entering the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic, a statement that piques Trick’s interest. Trick, however, emphasizes the need to remain focused on his upcoming match against Ilja. Hayes reassures Trick that as long as they stay locked in and maintain their concentration, they will be competitive in the tournament. Hayes expresses their intention to win the Dusty Cup and subsequently capture the tag team titles. With determination, Hayes envisions himself becoming a Triple Crown champion and Trick holding two titles.

Mark Coffey and Wolfgang (with Joe Coffey) vs. Baron Corbin and Bron Breakker in a First Round Match in the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic

The match starts with Bron and Mark in the ring. Mark executes a takedown, followed by a side headlock. Bron responds with a powerful shoulder tackle. Despite Mark’s attempt to send him off the ropes, Bron maintains the side headlock. Wolfgang tags in and also applies a side headlock. Bron surprises Wolfgang with a slam, and Baron takes the tag. Baron enters with a corner splash and follows up with an uppercut. Wolfgang returns with a headbutt, and Mark tags back in, hitting a shoulder tackle off the turnbuckles for a near fall.

Mark delivers punches and European uppercuts, finishing with a corkscrew uppercut. Baron retaliates with a punch and a side headlock, allowing Wolfgang to tag in and perform a hot shot on Baron. Mark joins in with a clothesline, and Wolfgang follows it up with a back senton. Wolfgang keeps Baron in a side headlock, along with some uppercuts. Baron counters with elbows and punches, ultimately executing a belly-to-back suplex.

Bron gets the tag and lands a jumping knee. Baron tags back in, clotheslining Mark. Baron continues with kicks in the corner, followed by forearms. Mark retaliates with his own strikes. Baron keeps up the exchange, but Mark manages to evade a splash. Baron counters with a clothesline off the turnbuckles, earning a near fall. Wolfgang delivers an accordion slam to Bron, and Baron responds with a spinebuster to Wolfgang. Mark strikes Baron with a clothesline, and Baron finishes Mark off with Deep Six.

Bron and Wolfgang exchange punches, while Baron and Mark engage in their own fisticuffs. Bron manages to send Wolfgang to the outside, creating an opening for Baron to choke Mark in the corner. Baron hoists Mark onto his shoulders and executes a devastating Death Valley Driver. As Baron readies himself for a spear, Wolfgang intervenes by pulling Mark to safety, causing Baron to punch the ring post in frustration.

Mark seizes the opportunity, delivering a baseball slide to Baron and subsequently pounding him, slamming his head into the announce table, and targeting his hand by smashing it into the apron. Mark then locks in a Cobra Clutch. Wolfgang tags in, Irish whips Corbin, and together they execute a splash and a snap mare. Mark tags back in, and Baron finds himself in the corner. However, Mark misses a splash, and Corbin capitalizes with a kick to Wolfgang. Bron enters the fray with shoulder tackles on both opponents, a clothesline to Mark, and a double knee gutbuster to Wolfgang. Bron follows up with a belly-to-back suplex on Mark while Wolfgang is held for a slam.

Bron sets up for his signature spear, and Corbin tags in. As Wolfgang attempts to rescue his partner, Bron spears Wolfgang, followed by Baron delivering the End of Days to Mark for the decisive three-count.

Baron Corbin and Bron Breakker emerge victorious, advancing to the next round of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic, where they will face the winner of the Hank and Tank vs. Axiom and Frazer match.

We catch a glimpse of Tiffany’s visit to Fallon’s farm, but she arrives later than expected. Tiffany shows up at the farm dressed as if she’s attending a Barbie convention, not particularly pleased with the strong smell of horse manure around. She justifies her choice of outfit by explaining that she wanted to look perfect despite her tardiness. Fallon offers Tiffany some alternative clothing options, but Tiffany insists on maintaining her fashionable appearance.

Despite her glamorous attire, Tiffany struggles to walk in her high heels within the stable. Fallon assigns Tiffany the task of cleaning the horses and their equipment, as well as picking up any horse manure she comes across. As the scene unfolds, Lyra Valkyria makes her entrance backstage, leading to a commercial break.

We return to Lyra Valkyria in the ring, reflecting on her match from the previous week. Despite acknowledging the depth of the women’s division in WWE, Lyra declares her intention to end 2024 just as she began it, as the NXT Women’s Champion. She asserts that Blair is not going anywhere and promises to follow the title wherever it goes. Lyra leaves the question of her opponent at Vengeance Day unanswered, teasing that we’ll find out next week. Ava has arranged a 20-woman Battle Royal, with the final four participants competing in a Fatal Four-Way Match to determine her challenger for Vengeance Day.

Lola Vice interrupts and suggests that Lyra’s championship reign owes itself to Tatum Paxley, who can cash in her title shot whenever she desires. Lyra fires back, expressing her disappointment that Lola hasn’t lived up to her MMA background and has been all talk. Lyra challenges Lola to a match, specifically to face Lola Vice, the cage fighter, and asserts that people want to see this clash.

Lola boasts about her popularity and claims that the fans adore her, likening them to sheep who follow her every move because they love her “Latina Heat.” Lyra questions where that “Latina Heat” is and points out Elektra Lopez as someone who truly held Legado together. Lyra goes on to ask when Lola plans to tell Elektra that she won’t be using her contract for the tag team title.

Elektra suddenly strikes Lyra, and Lola joins in the attack. Tatum Paxley makes her entrance and goes after Lola while Lyra takes on Elektra.

Meanwhile, MetaFour watches the conclusion of the Briggs, Jensen, and Fallon situation. Josh approaches them, asserting that their breakup had nothing to do with him. He expresses his desire for a rematch against Noam. Dar dismisses Josh and tells him to get to the back of the line.

The broadcast then heads to a commercial break.

As we return, Luca Crusifino confronts Ava and shows her footage of his foot being under the ropes during a previous match. Ava informs him that there’s nothing she can do about it, seemingly denying his request for a ruling.

Dragon Lee apologizes for his actions from last week and mentions that he has resolved his visa issues. He expresses his concerns about the actions of the LWO faction in the past.

Lexis King approaches Dragon Lee and inquires about the Open Challenge. Lee confirms that the challenge is still in effect. Lexis presents a contract for Lee to sign, and after signing it, Lee agrees to the match, which is set to take place later in the evening.

Josh Briggs vs. Oro Mensah

Josh starts with punches and follows them up with a slam and an elbow drop, nearly getting a pinfall. He maintains control with a front face lock and forearms to the back. Oro manages to escape a slam attempt, but Josh responds with a shoulder tackle. Josh then Irish whips Oro and delivers a splash in the corner. Oro counters with a fishhook and a jumping knee.

Briggs performs a slam, causing Oro to roll out of the ring. Lash distracts the referee, allowing Dar to grab Josh’s ankle when he re-enters the ring. Oro seizes the moment to deliver punches and a chop, earning a near fall. Oro proceeds to choke Josh and drops a knee onto his arm, once again getting a near fall. He continues with a forearm, but Josh retaliates with a chop. Unfortunately for Josh, he misses a splash in the corner.

Oro capitalizes with kicks and sends Josh to the apron. Oro rakes Josh’s eyes and then sends him into the turnbuckles. Oro hits a springboard side kick but only gets a near fall. Oro uses more kicks and even pie-faces Josh. However, Josh blocks one of Oro’s kicks, executing a spinebuster that secures him the three-count victory.

The winner of the match is Josh Briggs.

Following the match, we see Lucien Price, Bronco Nima, and SCRYPTS walking backstage, as well as Tony D’Angelo, Channing Lorenzo, and Adrianna Rizzo.

The broadcast goes to a commercial break.

As we return, Tiffany is diligently completing her chores at Fallon’s farm under Fallon’s watchful eye.

Tiffany inquires if it’s time for a break, but Fallon reminds her that her initial task was just the first of many.

Fallon instructs Tiffany to clean the horse named Buttercup, to which Tiffany responds with a humorous request not to call her “Buttercup.” Fallon clarifies that Buttercup is indeed the horse’s name.

Tiffany manages to finish cleaning Buttercup but is left feeling dirty and in need of a shower, fresh clothes, and disinfection. She jokingly mentions that she hopes Fallon enjoyed the spectacle.

Fallon, however, reminds Tiffany that a clean horse should not be placed in a dirty stall and assigns her the task of cleaning the stall, much to Tiffany’s dismay. Tiffany expresses her disgust at the sight of horse manure, making it clear that this farm work is not exactly her cup of tea.

Bronco Nima and Lucien Price (with SCRYPTS) vs. Tony D’Angelo and Channing Lorenzo (with Adrianna Rizzo) for the NXT Tag Titles

In the opening moments of the match, Bronco Nima and Channing Lorenzo engage in a competitive exchange, resulting in a stalemate. Channing gains control with a side headlock, but Nima quickly counters with a shoulder tackle. Lorenzo responds with punches, and Nima narrowly misses a boot. Nima attempts to slam Lorenzo, but Lorenzo escapes the hold. Tony D’Angelo tags in and delivers punches to Nima. Tony goes for a shoulder tackle but finds himself bouncing off Nima instead.

Lorenzo tags back in, hitting Nima with a knee lift. Tony tags in and delivers a shoulder tackle to Nima. Tony proceeds to toss Lorenzo into Price, allowing Lorenzo to execute a crossbody on Price for a near fall. Lorenzo continues with punches, but Nima tags in and kicks Lorenzo in the back. Price goes over the top rope when Lorenzo pulls the ropes down, leading to Nima sending Lorenzo face-first to the floor. Meanwhile, Price delivers a boot to the back of Lorenzo’s head.

The action then heads to a commercial break.

As the action continues after the commercial break, Bronco Nima kicks Channing Lorenzo and knocks Tony D’Angelo off the apron. Nima applies an arm bar, but Tony reaches out to tag Lorenzo, which the referee doesn’t allow. During the commercial break, Price and Nima had taken advantage of Lorenzo, and Price holds Lorenzo in place as Nima delivers a punch.

Price sends Lorenzo under the bottom rope to Nima, but Lorenzo rakes Nima’s eyes and sends him into the ring post. Price prevents Lorenzo from making the tag to Tony, but Tony eventually tags in and goes on the attack. Tony punches Price and executes a belly-to-belly suplex, following it up with a floatover and more punches before finishing with a jackhammer. He then delivers a spinebuster to Price but only gets a near fall.

Tony sets up for a fisherman’s suplex, but Price counters it. Lorenzo tags in, and Tony delivers a German suplex while Lorenzo hits an uppercut. Nima takes care of Lorenzo, and Price and Nima execute a double Samoan drop, earning another near fall. Tony gets another near fall, and Nima kicks Lorenzo to the floor. Nima tags in, and Tony responds with an elbow to Price and a kick to Nima.

Lorenzo returns with a flying clothesline, sending Nima and himself over the top rope. Tony manages a roll-up, but Nima pushes Lorenzo onto the cover. All four men exchange punches, and the referee tells Nima to return to the apron. SCRYPTS tries to interfere but inadvertently takes out Price.

Lorenzo deals with Nima on the floor, and Tony finishes the match with a Fisherman suplex for the three-count victory.

The winners of the match are Tony D’Angelo and Channing Lorenzo.

In the next segment, Jacy addresses the university students, laying out her idea to save the university. She emphasizes the importance of their cooperation and urges them to listen to her.

Kelly Kincaid interviews Oba Femi, inquiring about when he intends to use his contract. Oba confidently asserts that he can challenge for the title whenever he pleases.

Lexis King interrupts and mentions that they could have been in the finals of a previous competition if it weren’t for Trey Bearhill. Lexis acknowledges that Oba earned his title shot by winning the contract but reminds him that he also has a title match. Lexis boldly declares that he sees Oba Femi as the next NXT Champion and himself as the next North American Champion.

As we return, Wolfgang expresses his frustration about their recent loss in a match.

Ridge Holland walks by, and Joe references a touching interview Ridge had last week. Ridge advises Joe to focus on his own guys and assures him that there is no fear in his eyes. Joe counters by suggesting that now that Ridge is back in NXT, he doesn’t know how long Ridge will last, hinting at a potential challenge or rivalry between them.

Cora Jade vs. Gigi Dolin

In this intense matchup, Cora and Gigi start by locking up, but Cora quickly gains the upper hand by sending Gigi to the mat. Gigi retaliates with an arm wringer, but Cora counters with a snap mare and follows it up with a kick for a near fall. Gigi strikes back with Kawada kicks but misses a dropkick when Cora moves.

Cora takes advantage with a springboard kick and proceeds to dominate in the corner with shoulder strikes. She even resorts to choking Gigi, showing her ruthless side. Gigi manages to land some punches, but Cora responds with an elbow and a clothesline. Cora continues her assault with knees in the corner, earning a near fall in the process.

Cora applies a reverse chin lock and delivers elbows to Gigi’s collarbone. Gigi, however, fights back with forearms and a knee strike. She follows it up with more forearms and an STO takedown. Gigi executes a dropkick against the ropes, attempting a crucifix bomb, but Cora manages to hold onto the ropes to thwart the move. Instead, Cora quickly counters with a DDT, securing the three-count victory.

The winner of the match is Cora Jade.

During the commercial break, the broadcast cuts to a segment in the parking lot where Bronco Nima, Lucien Price, and SCRYPTS are met by Jaida Parker. She expresses her disapproval of their recent actions and tells them that they are better than what they’ve been doing.

Jaida inquires about the whereabouts of Rizz, clearly intrigued by the situation. She offers her services to the group, suggesting that she might be able to help or provide assistance in resolving the matter.

Hank Walker and Tank Ledger vs Axiom and Nathan Frazer in a First Round Match in the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic

Hank and Axiom start things off, with Hank gaining the early advantage and sending Axiom to the mat. Hank follows up with a boot to Axiom’s midsection. Axiom manages to land on his feet during a belly-to-back suplex attempt and responds with a dropkick. Frazer tags in and Hank sends him into the turnbuckles. Tank tags in, and together, they execute a Malachi Crunch on Frazer. Axiom tags back in, connecting with a clothesline, but Frazer kicks out, nearly securing a pinfall.

Hank sends Axiom into the turnbuckles and then face-first to the mat, followed by a chop and a slingshot splash by Tank for a near fall. Axiom retaliates with a chop and escapes a gutwrench suplex. Frazer tags in, delivering forearms and a flying forearm to Hank. Frazer continues with a chop and avoids a splash after being Irish-whipped. He hits a springboard dropkick to Tank for another near fall.

Hank tosses Frazer to Tank for a belly-to-back suplex, but Frazer kicks out at two. Hank attempts a power slam, but Frazer escapes. Hank goes over the top rope to the floor, allowing Axiom to tag back in and hit a suicide dive. Frazer follows suit with his own suicide dive to Tank. Axiom and Frazer execute a second set of suicide dives. Hank manages to land a clothesline after Axiom misses a move from the turnbuckles.

Axiom eventually makes a comeback, nearly pinning Hank with an inside cradle. He delivers a superkick, and Frazer tags in, hitting a Phoenix Splash to secure the three-count victory.

The winners of the match are Axiom and Nathan Frazer, and they advance to face Bron Breakker and Baron Corbin.

Following the match, we return to the farm, where Tiffany expresses her determination to forget the entire experience and erase it from her memory. Fallon and her friends, however, laugh at Tiffany’s appearance and joke about her day on the farm.

Fallon asks Tiffany how it felt to do real work, and Tiffany responds by describing it as hell and the worst day of her life. She expresses pity for Fallon, stating that this kind of lifestyle is no way to live. As Tiffany speaks, she unintentionally steps in a pile of horse manure and falls into a bucket of water, concluding her memorable day at the farm.

Dragon Lee vs. Lexis King for the NXT North American Championship

In this match between Dragon Lee and Lexis King, they start with a lock-up. Lee pats King on the chest before breaking, showing some sportsmanship. They lock up again, and this time, King backs Lee into the corner but gives him a clean break. King misses a clothesline, and Lee responds with a side headlock takedown. King counters with a head scissors, and then he works on Lee’s arm with a wrist lock.

Lee takes King down again, and King counters with a body scissors and a rollup for a near fall. King then applies a side headlock and follows it up with a shoulder tackle. However, Lee recovers quickly and delivers a dropkick that sends King into the corner. Lee attempts a monkey flip, but King puts him on the turnbuckles and hits a dropkick, sending Lee to the floor.

During this exchange, King exchanges words with Trey Bearhill, who is being held back by officials at ringside. Lee takes advantage of the distraction and hits a suicide dive onto King. King responds by sending Lee into the steel ring steps, showing that tensions are running high in this contest.

Lexis King delivers a kick to Dragon Lee’s back before they re-enter the ring. King manages to secure a near fall and then sends Lee into the turnbuckles. He follows up with chops and chokes Lee in the ropes. Lee fights back with punches, but King responds with a belly-to-back suplex for another near fall. King continues his offense with forearms and a reverse chin lock.

Lee fights back with punches of his own, but King counters with a knee to the midsection and a kick to the back. King follows up with a running body tackle to Lee’s back for another near fall. He applies a single-leg crab, but Lee counters with a roll-up for a near fall. King responds with a clothesline, but Lee counters with a running back elbow and a clothesline of his own. Lee is sent to the apron, where he connects with a kick and executes a slingshot head scissors that sends King into the turnbuckles.

Lee follows up with a leg sweep and a hesitation kick to King’s head. He proceeds with a hesitation dropkick, earning another near fall. Lee and King engage in a chop exchange, and Lee floats over King’s attack. King retaliates with a double-leg takedown and a superkick, but Lee counters with a jumping knee. King responds with a Northern Lariat and a Michinoku Driver for another near fall. King then applies a single-leg crab, but Lee manages to reach the ropes for a break.

Lee ultimately surprises King with a superkick and follows up with Destino, securing the three-count victory and retaining his championship.

After the match, Oba Femi makes his way to the ring with an official, seemingly ready to cash in his contract for a title shot. The stage is set for a potential championship showdown.

Oba Femi vs. Dragon Lee for the North American Championship

Before the official match begins, Dragon Lee seizes the opportunity and takes the fight outside the ring with a plancha. He follows it up with punches and an enzuigiri to gain the upper hand. However, Oba Femi retaliates with a forearm and tosses Lee to the mat.

As the action continues, Oba runs into a superkick from Lee. Lee then attempts a tornado DDT, but Oba counters with a powerbomb, securing the three-count victory and becoming the new champion.

The show concludes with Oba Femi as the newly crowned champion, marking a significant turn of events in the NXT wrestling scene.

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