Tony Khan used Cagematch stats to make a point about AEW’s match quality, and that got him panned online. This chastising continued as USA Network’s own X account trolled TK.

In response to Raj Giri, who posted, “These guys do have history. Seth Rollins defeated Jinder Mahal in the tournament finals to become the first NXT Champion,” the USA Network X account had a great reply. While calling back to TK’s comments about Cagematch ratings, they were quite tactful in a follow-up question.

What was the cagematch rating?

The USA Network’s post did not go unnoticed by Tony Khan at all. The AEW President fired off his own reply, one where he threw Jinder Mahal under the bus as well.


A moral victory for USA is one win more than their World Title challenger Jinder Mahal has in the past 364 days… because it’s been literally a full year since he won a match. You really put AEW in our place getting Jinder Mahal in a big match on your tv show. Do it more often

Tony Khan is never one who is short on any response, especially online. This jab at the USA Network may be a victory for him, but only time will tell if this tweet results in better booking for Jinder Mahal.

We will keep an eye on this story, and so many more, here at Ringside News. You never know what will break next, especially when Tony Khan has access to his X account.

What’s your take on Tony Khan’s response to this tweet? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

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