Paul Heyman has been a consistent presence in WWE. He’s represented the likes of CM Punk, Brock Lesnar, and Roman Reigns, who are unarguably some of the biggest WWE superstars of all time. He has also been keenly involved in talent development, having stated recently that the WWE NXT roster is as good as any rival roster in pro wrestling history.

Heyman is lauded on social media for his enticing and skillful talent management, and he recently echoed the same sentiment about himself. Heyman was praised by a fan on Twitter for his indomitable stint as manager throughout the year. He thanked the fan and added that he is the ‘undisputed and uncontroverted’ GOAT of WWE management. He noted that he has stood behind the significant WWE superstar.

I thank you for your recognition. Yes, I am the #GOAT. That, for the record, is undisputed and by now, uncontroverted. For the record … I was BFF with

@cmpunk (longest reigning champion of the modern era). #Advocate to


@BrockLesnar (broke that record). #SpecialCounsel and #Wiseman to

@WWERomanReigns (smashed all records)!

After many fans piled into the constant praise that he was getting, the former ECW booker further praised himself. He said that he improves consistently with each passing performance.

You damn right I get better with each and every single performance. If I’m not better tomorrow than I am today … and better 2 days from now than I am tomorrow … then I’m resting on my laurels, and there’s waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too many people out there who are comfortable doing that. That’s not a way to own property on the Island of Relevancy!

Heyman has enjoyed healthy longevity in his career. His career has spanned across several organisations, namely Studio 54, WCW, and ECW. He’s been part of WWE for more than two decades and has also been consistent voice in WWE creative.

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