During last week’s WWE Raw Day 1 special, a match between The New Day’s Kofi Kingston and Jey Uso against Imperium’s Ludwig Kaiser and Giovanni Vinci had to end prematurely. Vinci suffered an injury during the match when Kingston delivered a dropkick under his chin as Vinci was leaping from the second turnbuckle.

On tonight’s episode of WWE Raw, Michael Cole provided an update on Vinci’s condition on commentary. Cole mentioned that Giovanni Vinci will be sidelined for “a number of weeks” due to his injury.

In response to Vinci’s injury, his Imperium partner, Ludwig Kaiser, sought revenge. Kingston and Kaiser faced off in a singles match that ultimately ended in a double countout.

Following the match, Kingston attempted a suicide dive on Kaiser, but Kaiser countered with a thumb to the eye. Kaiser then unleashed a brutal attack on Kingston, including throwing an office chair at his face, delivering a running dropkick to Kingston’s head while he was laid on steel steps, and causing chaos at ringside.


Officials and referees eventually managed to separate Kaiser from Kingston and escorted him to the backstage area. The altercation between Ludwig Kaiser and Kofi Kingston added a layer of intensity and rivalry to their feud on WWE Raw.

What are your thoughts on the escalating rivalry between Ludwig Kaiser and Kofi Kingston following Giovanni Vinci’s injury? Do you think this feud will lead to a significant match or storyline in the near future? Share your predictions and opinions on how this situation might develop in WWE Raw.

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