Former WWE Superstar Ryback has declared his intention to make a triumphant return to the ring after a significant hiatus. The outspoken wrestler has not shied away from challenging none other than WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg to a retirement match.

While WWE has not officially addressed the idea of Goldberg retirement match, Ryback remains undeterred in his pursuit. Ryback, who hasn’t appeared in WWE since his departure in 2016, has been vocal about his desire to face Goldberg.

In a recent episode of Ryback TV, he not only discussed the return of The Rock to WWE, which shattered social media records, but also confidently stated that his own WWE comeback would be the “greatest return of all time” within the company. He further emphasized his ambition to retire Goldberg when he finally makes his return to WWE television.

The Rock has just shattered WWE’s social media record with over 171 million views. This record was previously set by one CM Punk, aka Fragile Phil, with his return at Survivor Series. To his credit, 105 million views is pretty good, it’s not great but it’s pretty good. But The Rock has just come in and completely smashed that record to pieces. With all of this, the bar has been set. The ground work has been laid and a lot and I mean a lot of people are talking. From the lowest of the low marks, all the way to the best fans in the world.


And what everybody’s talking about is for the greatest, the greatest return of all time, this year. For when, finally, finally, ‘The Big Guy’ Ryback returns home and when I return home, I’m going to retire that piece of s*** Bill Goldberg once and for all.”’

Despite Ryback’s determination, it’s worth noting that there has been no official confirmation from WWE regarding such a match. Fans will have to stay tuned to see if Ryback’s return and a potential showdown with Goldberg will become a reality, even though it may seem unlikely at this point.

What’s your view on what Ryback claimed? Do you think he will ever return to WWE? Let us know in the comments section below!

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