Shotzi is one of the more popular stars in WWE right now and she even got hitched last month, shocking fans all over the world. Additional details have emerged concerning her surprise marriage.

The SmackDown Superstar got engaged in July of last year, and fans celebrated the joyous news. Unsurprisingly, there was curiosity among fans about when she would eventually tie the knot.

For those who might not be aware, Shotzi shared on her social media that she spontaneously got married in Las Vegas just before the WWE live event on December 29th. This unexpected revelation came as a big deal and a surprise for fans.

According to Dave Meltzer on The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, more details regarding Shotzi’s relationship and eventually marriage to her partner were provided. It was noted that she married her long-time boyfriend Jesus Alfaro last year.


Despite the whirlwind nuptials, Shotzi continued with her scheduled show in her wedding dress, incorporating her recent marriage into the storyline. She appeared in her gown with a bouquet, announcing to the crowd that she had just gotten married. Introducing Alfaro as her new husband, she turned the show into her wedding reception, expressing gratitude to the fans.

However, the celebration took an unexpected turn when Bayley and Sky interrupted, insulting the newlyweds. Undeterred, Shotzi, still in her wedding dress, stood up to the challenge, eventually teaming up with Belair for a match. Shotzi showcased her wrestling skills in the wedding dress, sealing the victory with a pin on Bayley after a double-team move.

”Shotzi (Ashley Urbanski, 31), got married on 12/29 to long-time boyfriend Jesus Alfaro. She was on tour and he met her in Las Vegas when they had a show at the MGM Grand. She said that they just decided since they were in Las Vegas to get married, but it was more than that. The two posted a photo and her and Alfaro with their backs to the camera wearing matching black leather jackets that read “JUST MARRIED!” on them. She then said, “When I realized I would be performing in Vegas, we decided to elope before the show. It was very spontaneous and so perfectly us. I loved every second of it. I’ll post something a little mushier later but its now time for an action packed reception!” She then went to the show, still in her wedding dress and they did a unique match build around her just getting married.

She came out in her wedding dress carrying flower bouquet and told the crowd that in case you didn’t notice, I did something special today by getting married before the show. She introduced Alfaro as her new husband, who was sitting in the crowd. She had this show was her wedding reception and thanked all the fans for being there for her. She was about to throw the bouquet into the crowd when Bayley and Sky came out.

Bayley said that she and Sky are married to the WWE. Bayley insulted both Shotzi and Alfaro and Sky insulted them in Japanese. Shotzi said she’d fight both of them in her wedding dress because she wasn’t going to let them ruin her day. She ended up double-teamed in her dress until Belair made the save. Shotzi then did a mock proposal to Belair to team with her tonight and Belair said yes. Shotzi did all of her stuff in her wedding dress including a tope and she pinned Bayley after a double-team sliced bread.”

Shotzi even had an impromptu duet with her husband after her wedding. For now, the future plans for Shotzi in WWE remain undisclosed, leaving fans eagerly anticipating what the company has in store for her in the upcoming weeks. Shotzi continues to play a prominent role on Friday Night SmackDown, and fans are optimistic that 2024 will bring new and exciting opportunities for her in the WWE.

What’s your view on this Shotzi story? Do you feel WWE should push her in the future? Let us know in the comments section below!

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