Judgment Day is one of the hottest acts in WWE. At this point, the stable can appear on any show to take over. That leads to the idea that another member may be in the pipeline. Rhea Ripley has other ideas about R-Truth joining her stable.

Judgment Day saw an interesting angle when R-Truth decided he wanted in on their fun. He had a match with JD McDonagh that was supposed to switch them places, and Truth won that Miracle on 34th Street Fight. Now, we have an update about Truth’s status.

During WWE’s 2024 Preview special, Rhea Ripley was asked about R-Truth’s status with the Judgment Day. The Nightmare is tired of heading about R-Truth at this point, and she’s not afraid to share that sentiment.

“I’ve had it up to here with R-Truth. He’s not in the Judgment Day,” Rhea proclaimed.


We’re not looking at Truth right now, and he’s trying to weasel his way in. He’s breaking into our clubhouse and that’s not okay. You just can’t sneak into our clubhouse. He’s putting himself into all the things we are working so hard for. Coming out to the Judgment Day music? To me, he thinks he’s a part of it, but we have never signed off on that. We have not discussed this. We have not come to agreement that R-Truth is in the Judgment Day. So far he is not. “

We will have to see how WWE books this storyline. It seems like they could be doing another run with Sami Zayn and the Bloodline as a blueprint. Only time will tell if Truth finally finds his way into the Judgment Day faction.

Rhea Ripley might have to be won over. She isn’t likely to accept R-Truth as a member of her faction any time soon at this point.

What’s your take on R-Truth in the Judgment Day? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

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