Goldberg’s WCW undefeated streak is often subject to criticism in hindsight, but it played a crucial role in elevating the WWE Hall of Famer to wrestling stardom during the late ’90s. He went a ridiculous 173-0 in his streak, but Goldberg was ready for it to end when the time came.

Speaking on the Steve and Captain Evil podcast, Goldberg shed light on the origins of his monumental streak. He made it very clear that he had no control over its trajectory.

“No, I was never in the situation where I made a call! The fact is that they never paid me enough money to also be a producer.”

Goldberg went on to claim that he wanted to lose to Bobby Eaton during a House Show match and that his request was denied. That would have certainly been an interesting way to go.


“It was his birthday and we were doing a House Show and I wanted him to beat me on his birthday in the middle of The Streak, and they wouldn’t let me and I had no idea why!”

Goldberg’s undefeated streak in WCW is one of the most iconic runs in professional wrestling history. From his debut in September 1997 to December 1998, Goldberg raked up an impressive winning streak, remaining unbeaten in singles competition.

During his streak, Goldberg captured the WCW World Heavyweight Championship, defeating opponents with his devastating finishing move, the Spear, followed by the Jackhammer, usually to close out fast matches. The streak came to an end at Starrcade 1998 when he faced Kevin Nash in a match marred by Scott Hall (and a taser) interfering.

We will have to see if Goldberg has his name written in the history books as we break through into 2024. He certainly made a lot of memories already in his historic career, as his streak will stand the test of time as an incredible feat, even if he was ready for it to be over.

What’s your take on Goldberg’s undefeated streak? Do you think we will ever see a winning streak like that in pro wrestling again? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

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