LA Knight was Eli Drake prior to entering the WWE landscape. He was also known as “The Namer of Dummies,” because he called so many people “dummy” all around the company. He hasn’t brought that back in WWE just yet, but that changed during the final SmackDown of 2023.

The December 29th episode of WWE SmackDown was a best-of episode. That being said, it all kicked off with a brand-new LA Knight video package as he opened up the show.

At the end of the clip, LA Knight said to “get to the list, dummy.” The usage of “dummy” on WWE television, which was his TNA Wrestling catchphrase, piqued interest all over.

LA Knight was asked about his Dummy catchphrase in the past. He did not dismiss the possibility of having that back in his arsenal as he opened up to Chris Van Vliet.


I’ve considered. Some people want it, but 90% of the people probably done even know. I don’t know, I mean if it came out organically, maybe, but I don’t wanna crowbar things. That’s the thing, I’ve never forced any lines. Now, at this point, I’ve got programmed stuff that’s in there, here, there, wherever. But, in it’s original form, it was all kinda stuff that happened. Then it’d be like, ‘oh that’s cool, let’s keep that.’ Could it come back? Maybe sprinkle it in here or there, you never know.

Needless to say, fans reacted to hearing LA Knight finally say “Dummy” on WWE television. This reaction online is proof that fans were waiting to hear this from LA Knight.

We will have to see if the Namer of Dummies returns in 2024. If could have been a nice way to test the waters with this “dummy” drop. If anything, we are very happy to hear him say it again.

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