In a significant shift, WWE has decided to bid farewell to its home video releases, marking the end of an era for physical DVD and Blu-ray collections. The final DVD release, Survivor Series 2023, hit the market on December 26th, as reported by PWinsider.

This decision comes in response to the changing landscape of the entertainment industry, with a declining market for physical media. WWE had previously revealed that they would no longer be dedicating their “time and resources” to home video production, and it appears that this change will apply not only to the UK market but worldwide.

WWE Home Video UK had already announced that WWE was withdrawing from the home video category, opting not to renew any licensing deals in the new year. Wrestling DVD Network has reported that this is a global decision, effectively bringing an end to WWE Home Video at the close of the year.

Haus of Wrestling confirmed this news and spoke with a source within WWE, who stated, “The home video business has long been in decline, and it will no longer be a place where the company dedicates time and resources.”


As WWE continues to adapt to the evolving entertainment landscape, fans can expect to see the company focus its efforts on digital and streaming platforms in the future.

What are your thoughts on WWE’s decision to discontinue their home video releases and shift their focus towards digital and streaming platforms? How do you think this change will impact WWE’s distribution and accessibility to fans? Leave us a comment below.

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