Long Island’s own AEW Champion MJF graced the Good Day New York set this morning to hype up the AEW Worlds End PPV.

MJF, proudly hailing from the “magical” Long Island, expressed his excitement about defending his title at the Nassau Coliseum. But who’s the unfortunate challenger? None other than the unstoppable Samoa Joe, and MJF couldn’t be more amped!

When questioned about Swerve Strickland, MJF didn’t hold back. He labeled Swerve as nothing more than a “trash-talking bum,” swiftly shifting his focus back to Samoa Joe. He described Joe as a tank with a Ferrari engine and reminded everyone that he’s defeated him before in Queens.

Joe’s words about him being mere “property” just fuel MJF’s fire; he believes there’s only one piece of property that matters – the AEW World title. MJF graciously wished Joe luck but made it clear that he doesn’t stand a chance.


MJF proudly declared the iconic Burberry Scarf as a symbol of excellence, emphasizing that he’s not ashamed of his wealth and that he’s here for the people. He’s New York’s very own scoundrel.

When the conversation shifted to “The Iron Claw” and his role in producing the film, MJF pointed out that he’s an executive producer and that the movie is an emotional roller coaster that will make you laugh and cry. According to him, it’s the absolute best pro wrestling film out there.

MJF’s singing talents also came into play as old footage of him talking about becoming a pro wrestler on the Rosie O’Donnell Show surfaced. He confidently declared that he knew he was destined for greatness from birth, even recalling a legendary moment when he slapped the doctor upon arrival. Laughter erupted from behind the scenes as MJF shared this memorable anecdote.

In classic MJF style, he wrapped things up with a hard push for tickets to the AEW Worlds End PPV and a final jab at Samoa Joe, reminding him that he simply sucks. Keep your eyes on the champ – he’s got charisma for days!

Do you think MJF is the greatest AEW World Heavyweight Champion of all time? Sound off in the comments.

Steve Carrier

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