AEW has a problem and Bryan Danielson is going to solve it with fines. Apparently, he’s issued a few of them so far, but now it appears he is trolling the idea that he is issuing those infractions to talent who dare to make themselves, and the company, look bad on social media.

There were reports about Bryan Danielson’s involvement in the AEW disciplinary committee, specifically tasked with imposing fines for inappropriate social media posts. He was also in on the meeting that determined that CM Punk would be fired from the company.

Bryan Danielson has decided to take a humorous approach to this responsibility in AEW. He is now embracing the fan-created “Disciplinarian” memes that have started going around. He’s also issuing public fines that don’t really hold water, and they are just for fun.

Rocky Romero is known for his eye patch, and it’s a well-established part of his gimmick. Bryan Danielson needs an eye patch as medical device thanks to a broken orbital bone, which got on his nerves a bit. So, he flexed his muscle on X to issue Romero a fine.


Rocky is getting fined for wearing an eye patch without breaking his orbital bone!

Rocky Romero then fired off a post a short time later that said, “Can someone explain this “AEW fine” that I received in an eco-friendly envelope this morning?

This was playful banter, so Rocky Romero’s paycheck isn’t getting cut. It still stands as proof that Bryan Danielson hears the reports about him. He is well aware that fans think he’s dishing out fines like some strict school principal with detention slips. Hopefully, this little back-and-forth will help fans calm down about the idea.

We will keep our eye on this story, and so many more, here at Ringside News. You never know what will break next, especially with so much going on in the pro wrestling world.

What’s your take on Bryan Danielson issuing fines to AEW talent? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

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