Chris Benoit was one of the best pro wrestlers in the world at the time of his tragic passing. The double-murder suicide surrounding his passing will forever tarnish the legacy he left in the ring. Looking back, Kevin Nash has his own way of seeing things.

During this week’s episode of Kliq This, WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash shared insights into his interactions with Chris Benoit throughout their careers. Nash reflected on their personal dynamics, emphasizing that he experienced nothing but kindness and a positive working environment with Benoit.

The way Kevin Nash saw it, he never received anything but kindness from Chris Benoit. He also said that The Crippler always kept a good work environment when he was around as well. Then Eddie Guerrero’s passing changed everything.

“I personally, I never had anything but kindness and good work environment with Chris. It’s just, he was a f*cking … He lost Eddie [Guerrero] and I think that was like me losing Scott [Hall], and I just think he spiraled and … I don’t know …”


Kevin Nash acknowledged the challenging circumstances Chris Benoit faced, particularly the loss of Eddie Guerrero, and that was a very hard time for him. Kevin Nash can now draw a parallel to his own experience of losing Scott Hall.

While addressing Chris Benoit suffering from CTE, Kevin Nash stated, “And you figure, his finish for 20 years was that flying [headbutt] off the top. He worked a lot of years in Japan, here’s a guy who never took a night off, never took a match off.”

Chris Benoit will never be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, no matter how many years go by. The terrible events around his passing will forever be linked to what he did in the ring, which is a sad reminder how so much talent can be wasted by a tragic chain of decisions.

What’s your take on Chris Benoit’s legacy and how he is remembered? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

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