Former WWE wrestler Virgil, whose real name is Michael Jones, has faced a slew of challenges in recent years. In 2022, shocking revelations came to light about Jones’ health woes, including a diagnosis of dementia and two massive strokes. Just a mere month later, he dropped another bombshell, revealing battle with stage 2 colon cancer.

With the assistance of a close friend, Jones recently took to GoFundMe in a bid to rally support and raise much-needed funds. The goal? To cover essential expenses, including clothing and toiletries, as the harsh winter season looms. Since launching the campaign on December 12, Jones has managed to amass a respectable sum, with donations totaling over $3,000.

Jones, originally making his mark in the 1980s on the independent wrestling circuit, skyrocketed to fame as “Virgil” during his stint as Ted DiBiase’s on-screen bodyguard in the WWF. Engaging in high-profile feuds and ultimately embarking on his own rivalry with DiBiase, Virgil enjoyed a surge in popularity, although falling short of attaining the same stratospheric fame as some of his peers. Later, he found moderate success in WCW and continued to make sporadic appearances in the independent wrestling scene. His most recent wrestling persona, Soul Train Jones, made a cameo during the early days of AEW Dynamite.

Amid his ongoing health struggles, Jones found himself embroiled in public feud with DiBiase. He openly criticized the WWE Hall of Famer for his involvement in a notorious welfare fund scam that spanned several years. In response, DiBiase fired back, asserting that Virgil did not deserve a spot in the WWE Hall of Fame and falsely claiming that Jones’ wrestling career amounted to a single match against him.


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