Drew McIntyre is quite good at being WWE Superstar, and that includes everything that comes with the job. He loves connecting with fans, but he is also not afraid to answer when someone steps over the line.

Drew McIntyre posted several photos of himself with Make-A-Wish kids. He also included a heartfelt caption to let fans know how he felt.

You couldn’t surgically remove the smile from my face after spending time at @MakeAWish Connecticut’s Winter Wonderland!

One fan fired back a reply to Drew McIntyre that simply said, “Kayfabe.” This is when the Scottish Warrior fired back to put this cynical fan in their place.


Kayfabe? When have I come out in the last year and cussed out the fans? Everything I do, in and out the ring, is for my family and true fans. But good one Alex, you used an insider term. Good for you. Merry Christmas.

This was quite a reply from Drew McIntyre. At this point, he really doesn’t need to have much of a censor, and putting this fan in their place probably felt good to do.

WWE Superstar touch the lives of Make-A-Wish children all the time. The Holidays can be a very special time, but this fan just couldn’t help but try their best to keep Drew McIntyre down. Obviously, the former WWE World Champion wasn’t going to let that happen.

We will have more on this story, and many more, here at Ringside News. This is going to be quite a race to the end of 2023, but we will be here with all the headlines.

What’s your take on Drew McIntyre firing back at that fan? Let us know what you think in the comments section!

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