WWE loves selling merchandise, and there is no shortage of collections to roll out. Although he has merchandise on WWE’s official shop, it appears that Dragon Lee has a unique merchandise deal outside WWE.

Masked Republic recently unveiled plans for a new merchandise and apparel line centered around their Cinelucha brand. Among the featured luchadors is Dragon Lee, who is currently under contract with WWE. This was a very interesting addition to the line, because WWE historically frowns on outside deals.

According to PW Insider, Masked Republic’s Lucha Libre Agency played a pivotal role in negotiating Dragon Lee’s contract with WWE. This is quite unique for the current WWE NXT North American Champion.

As part of the agreement, specific Masked Republic projects and merchandise items, including the Cinelucha licensed t-shirt and an upcoming children’s book, have received approval, with the potential for additional items in the future.


PWInsider.com is told that As part of Masked Republic’s Lucha Libre Agency negotiating Dragon Lee’s contract with WWE, there are certain Masked Republic projects and merchandise items approved within it, including the Cinelucha licensed t-shirt and a forthcoming children’s book, among other potential items.

Masked Republic has also been actively involved in facilitating work visas for numerous international wrestling stars. This helps them perform for companies such as WWE, AEW, among others. The brand has a lot of goodwill, so that may have helped the process as well.

This is a special situation, and also quite odd. The fact is that WWE has blocked several merchandise deals in the past due to having contracts with talent. It appears that Dragon Lee’s new little merchandise partnership is okay, but it may also signify WWE’s transition into a new phase in company history.

We will have to see if other WWE Superstars can work out more of these outside merchandise deals. The company is in a new era at this point, and only time will tell how Triple H and TKO Group Holds change the path of the future for WWE.

What’s your take on Dragon Lee getting this unique merchandise deal? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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